Battlefield Hardline the "Most Complete" FPS Out There, EA Says

Publisher says game's cops-vs-criminals gameplay, emotionally driven story, and multiplayer make it a compelling package.

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mxguy931471d ago

Lets hope so. Looking forward to this. Beta was great

Commodore1470d ago

Dunno why people are disagreeing...Never had that much fun since CoD4.

venom061470d ago

i ABSOLUTELY think this game is gonna be fun as hell... especially from what we've seen from the Hotwire game mode (fast paced, action packed)... Unfortunately, its still cool for nerds to hate on EA. If this game was called GTA-HARDLINE, it'll damn near be contender for GOTY. EA sucks...

venom061470d ago

and what's funny is NO ONE, but NO ONE said anything about GTA5's "militarization of the police", because its all in "fun", but a game from EA, with "Battlefield" in the title, then folks want to be all righteous.. GTFO..

3-4-51470d ago

Hardline lucked out......with the issues of some other higher profile games, it actually opened up a nice spot in the market for this game.

Not sure if it will be good though.

jb2271470d ago

I'm not much of an mp guy but I'm banking on Visceral delivering the best single player experience for a Battlefield title yet…early looks sure seem like it'll be happening to me.

Zenith4k1471d ago

Hm dejavu here I'm afraid I'll wait for usual reviews and when I get a cheaper product with all patches. It's the way to go people don't buy day one iv been doing it all this gen saved myself loads and got the fixed product

Crazyglues1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

"Most Complete" FPS Out There, -EA Says...

LMAO, EA is the publisher, don't they have to say that... Trust me your going to want to wait on the reviews on this one...

||.........___||............ ||

nucky641471d ago never warned people about AC:unity.

reko1471d ago

Complete your game 😒

1471d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.