Why Street Fighter 5 Means More For The Games Industry Than You May Think "Unconfirmed it may be (Let’s face it, though: that Street Fighter V video was the most legit thing since Butterbean knocked out Bart Gunn), but Capcom’s leaked announcement that its new Street Fighter game will be exclusive to the PS4 (and PC) is big news.

Not only because a much-loved franchise is pumping itself up for another go-around – and you can bet your ass there will be so many ‘editions’ you’ll think you’ve made half of them up – but because the idea of ‘the third-party exclusive’ at one time or another seemed to belong to a different era, or even a different generation."

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Dramacydal1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

It and its exclusivity mean nothing, exactly like Tomb Raider.

EDIT: @ZeroX9876 - Yeah, but at the same time (for me), waiting it out and playing other, just as good titles is a perfectly fine option. I put zero valuing in playing something first. I value playing it at all.

Of course, SF5 is a bigger catch than TR2 though.

@DougLord With an install base triple the size of the PS3's the time of SF4's release, nothing you just said matters.

ZeroX98761467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

PS4 owners will have to wait at least a year for Tomb Raider. Probably the same will apply to SF5 for the X1.

wanted TR and you got a PS4?
wanted SF5 and you got the X1?

welcome to next-gen guys.....

darthv721467d ago

more like 4-6 months. you know how capcom works. They release the initial game then a few months later they announce the "Super" edition. then a few months after that they announce the Deluxe Arcade edition.

TomShoe1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

I have a feeling Sony paid for the development of the game.

I remember Yoshinori Ono sending out a tweet saying that there was "no budget" for SFV recently. Is Capcom in dire straits?

EDIT: Found it

showtimefolks1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )


Yeh that sounds very interesting. Also I think Sony maybe funding deep down too

it will be very interesting to see if this is timed exclusive, capcom was in a lot of trouble so maybe Sony is bailing them out so what. And people think Sony has no money and could go bankrupt just lol. Sony owns so much assets that they could loose billions for next decade yet still survive

Sony is huge just like MS

Also this should help Sony gain some momentum in Japan where ps4 has had a slow developing market

So yes In the long run SF5 is more important of an exclusive than tomb raider, SF series has such a long and great history. The name street fighter means something to almost everyone, it's a ha,e that almost everyone has heard of

RjK311jR1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Ahhh the miracles of life and having a job...Here is a little advice for some of those. If you work and enjoy gaming as much as the next, or maybe its a joy and passion for you, here is how I have all the consoles and never have to worry about these types of things (exclusivity)... You see Pre-Ordering is amazing for this one benefit alone...and thats the use of it as a layaway feature. The day a console preorders go onsale decide if you will make that jump, and preorder! Each paycheck place a little bit in each time... by the time of release you have the console... it doesnt hurt your pockets by buying it and. wait for it. you can buy games that way too... thats how i do it. not for the bonuses but for taking advantage of the pre-order layaway system since it allows you to pay towards the balance. I hate using credit cards and this works for me.
What I dont understand is why they can't make a worthy 4k/NEXT-gen console that costs a pretty penny (say at that time $2000-$2500; only cause x1 & ps4 just arrived). They would have to package xbox live,,Nintendo Network or PSN w/ the console as a service included with it... but since its a service plan, ie like verizon, att, they say its $600 w/ 2yr agreement plans... heck we get $800 phones for $200.... They should be giving us consoles for the prices we pay on the services... but no they give some games and thats ONLY if you keep their service... smh!! at least x360 you keep'em! Sorry but a single thought brought out this! Dont complain about which games make homes where! its gaming and business.. Its how they get you to buy their products... a partnership ie oculus samsung....Oculus even allowed them to release before their own OCVR... crazy but all for SPECIFIC reasons... Oculus probably has an exclusive on a specific oled screen or something or what not... im not sure but BUSINESS runs everyting! Every Ting... Hence SF:V will see Ps4 and PC. The End

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DougLord1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

SF4 sold 4 mm copies on PS3. That's 0.46% of total software sales. It was only ranked #35 in best selling PS3 titles. 14.25% of those copies sold in Japan, while Japan makes up just 8.5% of total software sales. So Ex-Japan this title just won't move the needle.

AND FYI while SF4 was 0.46% of PS3 software sales, Tomb Raider is 0.675% of Xone software sales. Slight more important, but still irrelevant. COD is 15.0% of Xone software sales. You want to make an impact - take that exclusive!!

TheBlackSmoke1467d ago

You are a very confused troll. I read your comment twice nd cant find what the point you are trying to make is. Go and have a lie down. Also Vgcharts....

SonyAddict1466d ago

Can I have my brain cells back please!.

Borma1467d ago

This is why I would love a 2 console market. Nintendo and Sony or Nintendo and Microsoft. I remember when games like FF7-8-9-10 were exclusive. Resident Evil 1-2-Nemesis were exclusive. Or even Grand Theft Auto used to be synonymous with Playstation. Now it's just Nintendo where you will only find exclusives that truly matter on their own system. With PS and Xbox they are basically the same console nowadays with nothing to separate the two. It's the only reason personally I don't own any Xbox console. I'm sure I will receive thumbs down for saying it, but I can't help it anymore. Things would be much simpler in a 2 console market. IMO.

il-JumperMT1467d ago

Blazblue/Guilty Gears > Palette Swap Fighter

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