PS4 Exclusive DriveClub Finally Appears to Be on Track

Push Square - DriveClub has spent a dizzying two months caught in a tailspin, but the PlayStation 4 exclusive racer finally appears to be back on track. After hearing that its vaunted challenges system was back online, we decided to take the release for a test run this evening – and found everything working as intended. This is a marked improvement from our problematic return last month.

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UKmilitia1418d ago

isnt on track until the ps+ version out imo.

1418d ago
MysticStrummer1418d ago

Funny how many people dismiss the PS+ version as an incomplete demo, yet it's release is also very important.

That's not directed at you… just something I've noticed here.

UKmilitia1418d ago

i think this game recieved so much hype because it was from day one being given away(limited cars/tracks) and everyone had so much respect for the devs and sony for making something that looked so good .
now its seen as a failure by most.

this gen needs to sort itself out because its gonna be scarred with unfinished broken games.

sobotz1418d ago

Is the "PS4 exclusive" on title necessary?

cruzngta1418d ago

great game and glad to see they fixed the online where it needed fixing. I have enjoyed it alot and graphically it is true next gen racing as well as alot of fun for me.

nitrogav1418d ago

Now what I would really like is the MyDriveclub App for our mobiles that was promised .

molsen811418d ago

I don't even care about the PS+ free version anymore. I've moved on to other racing games. Will gamers forget about this game by the time the free version is available?