Gamernode: Supreme Commander Review

Gamernode writes: "Suffering the inherent disadvantage of being a classic top-down real-time strategy game on a platform with 100% less keyboard-and-mouse control, Supreme Commander on the Xbox 360 immediately has an uphill battle to fight. Hellbent Games has made a valiant effort to retool Gas Powered Games' 2007 PC release for the home console, but in the end, this version is wholly inferior to the original.

Supreme Commander is a typical RTS for the most part, with three factions locked in bitter conflict for control of the galaxy. Players choose one of these groups and embark on a six-mission campaign, harvesting "mass" and building power generators to sustain their war machine, comprised of a variety of units and structures from an extensive tiered engineering system. The Xbox 360 version features a few units not seen in the original."

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