Sony's last chance to wow us in 2014 - what we need from the PlayStation Experience

Dealspwn: "The PS4 has sold like hot cakes this year, but there's no denying that Sony's first-party output has been less than stellar. Supporting the PS3 so well during its final year left the biggest new-gen games deep in development, leading to a lacklustre Christmas lineup bolstered by third-parties.

2015, however, is going to be a different story. The likes of Bloodborne and Uncharted 4 are on the way, and Sony has one last chance to wow us this year with their PlayStation Experience event. Stuffed full of livestreamed panels and events, we're all technically invited, even if you can't make it over to Las Vegas this weekend.

You can find the panel and livestream schedule here, but some new announcements have also been teased. Here's what has been confirmed, what we currently expect, what we desperately want and a bit of wild theorising too."

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showtimefolks1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Yeh no really it isn't about 2014 anymore. It's time to prepare for 2015,

The order 1886
BF hardline

All coming early next year and 2 of them pretty big exclusives. Especially Bloodborne

Than your have MGS5, the division, uncharted 4, possibly a new GT game

So as far as I am concerned 2014 was a good year for being the first in a console cycle. Now things will improve in 2015. Just imagine the ps4 sales in 2015 with a very strong lineup

Blues Cowboy1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Yeah, Sony is going to bring it next year!

However, I'm worried about The Order. To me it looks like the PS4's Ryse - pretty, but incredibly linear and not much going on upstairs.

I'll probably be too busy playing Bloodborne to notice it anyway, so you know, priorities.

showtimefolks1292d ago

I have full confidence in read at dawn, they are really good with single player story driven games. So I am not hyped neither am I thinking it will be a bad game. I think it will be a very good new ip

Getting high 8's in reviews. This is ready at dans first console game so it more of a setting up new IP to do future sequels

I think ready at dawn could replace insomniac for Sony in a way, I also like their weapons design so far in the order 1886

thanhgee1292d ago

The story itself has got me quite intrigued.

Blues Cowboy1292d ago

@showtimefolks: Don't get me wrong, I like the art design, premise and that amazing Thermite gun. But the bit I played at Gamescom might as well have been a rail shooter with QTE sections. I hope that later levels properly open up and give us room to experiment with all the weapons.

@thanhgee: Yes, that's true. If it can deliver a really strong and interesting story, then a linear game might be the best way of doing that, and it might be enough to sell me down the line - maybe during the summer lull?

bouzebbal1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

last chance to wow us! what a bunch hypocrits!!
i invite you to watch e3 and TGS conferences again.. Uncharted 4, No Man's Sky PS4 exclusive, GTAV console version, Dragon Quest...
just tell me how x1 wowed us this year? what sick announcements did they make?

and hearing you talking like this no matter what they show tomorrow and tonight you will still keep this garbage doom articles coming.

andibandit1292d ago


But who said ms was any better......

jb2271292d ago

I understand that concern but I doubt it'll be like Ryse for a couple of reasons…firstly that the game has been in development longer & wasn't pushed out, allowed time for a delay that will polish it even further. Most importantly though is the fact that there is no online component, so all development was pushed towards the single player campaign, which seems to point towards it being a lengthy & worthwhile one. I can forgive generic gameplay if the story & environments are as stunning as possible personally. Whereas Ryse was a 4-6 hour campaign, I could see this game clocking in closer to 10-12.

Tdmd1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Everyone and their mother are saying that they are worried about The Order 'cause it's linear. Well, I'm not. The whole Uncharted trilogy was completely linear, so was Tomb Raider and, The Last of Us; yet, none of those games were anything less than amazing experiences because of that. The Order have a nice theme going for it. Graphically and gameplay-wise it already looks great. Add to that some good characters, some interesting designs (weapons, locations and enemies) and an good story, and I'm sure it will be more than ok.

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FuzzyPixels1292d ago

Lol, I still have a pretty hefty backlog from this year to get through this Christmas.

But when The Witcher 3 arrives... I will be ready. So utterly psyched for that game. And Batman.

Couldn't give much of a toss about The Order or Hardline at this point tbh, though.

jasminlenovo1292d ago

yea, i am totally agree with you

ZombieKiller1292d ago

I'd like to see ZMR on PS4 as well. I can't wait to watch it tonight. I'm gonna fire up the Live Event Viewer on my PS4, start a chat party and invite like 20 friends so we can all make fun of it together tonight. It's gonna be awesome. MGO FTW!!

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Breakman921292d ago

Yeah that's what Sony said 1 year ago lol. Wii u master race.

nucky641292d ago

everybodys gone to the rapture

this show will be fun, but I'm ALREADY excited for ps4 in 2015.

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jonboi241292d ago

If Street Fighter 5 leak proves anything is that expect big surprises at Playstation Experience.

Blues Cowboy1292d ago

In fairness that could be revealed at the Video Game Awards, but yeah, you can bet that Sony will be showing it off too!

dredgewalker1292d ago

If they announce the release of The Last Guardian then I can definitely say the hype was worth the wait.

2cents1292d ago


Morpheus RRP and release date,

New Media features,

Some honesty about The Last Guardian...

that's what I want.

Blues Cowboy1292d ago

Oh man, some honesty about TLG would be ace.

Or better yet a reveal trailer. :P

AD7051292d ago

I just hope I don't see a bunch of indie games or remaster collections of old games. Hopefully a legend of dragoon game will be announced because they have been hinting at that recently.

LiViNgLeGaCY1292d ago

Oh my goodness. I could die happy if I ever got a LoD 2.

andibandit1292d ago

I thought it was already confirmed that it would be indie heavy, or maybe im mixing it up with something else

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