Modders Have Managed to Crack Dragon Age: Inquisition

Gameranx: "If you're a fan of game modifications, then you should be excited to hear that Dragon Age: Inquisition was recently cracked by a group of modders. While this is generally seen as the natural evolution of RPGs on PC, it's always good to have that segment of time after a game's launch where everyone focuses on the actual game, rather than modifications."

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Gamer19821468d ago

"it's always good to have that segment of time after a game's launch where everyone focuses on the actual game, rather than modifications" This person has clearly never played Fallout or skyrim.. The game is massively enhanced with mods. You can enjoy the original content more with them. You dont have to do a new map or anything..

anticlimax1468d ago

I like to play the vanilla version before I mod it.

1466d ago
Bercilak1468d ago

Great news. Maybe they can mod the female characters to look attractive. That would be a refreshing change.

FriedGoat1468d ago

Jeeze, let's make all the men have big dongs whilst we're at it.

Magicite1468d ago

Yes, I agree, female chars in WRPG games usually are far from sexy/beautiful.

anticlimax1468d ago

Better than having each character look like an anime supermodel. At least all of them look distinctly different and have some personality. If you look at Cassandra, you already know a lot about her, you know she's a hardass.

PeaSFor1468d ago

hey, stop to make sense!

Eiyuuou1467d ago

Leliana is attractive.. To me at least

Bercilak1466d ago

@FriedGoat and anticlimax:

I guess you guys are right; the women should look realistic.

Because in a game with dragons, demons, and magic, realism is of paramount importance.

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vakarian751468d ago

I don't have it on PC but hopefully they make some more hairs because the hair selection got a lot worse from 1 and 2 to inquisition. Hopefully Bioware puts out free dlc for that even if they just bring back the hairs from the other games.

DougLord1468d ago

Not sure this game needs mods. I will be sick of it before I finish the main quest. I have 80 hours in already and I'm Like 25% through the main plot.

aLiEnViSiToR1468d ago

Then you have no idea what PC version is all about and its potential, shame on you.

SteveSmith1468d ago

I wish they did a non-gay version.

Allsystemgamer1468d ago

They did. It's called the play it straight version

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