Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Just How “Advanced” Is It?

It’s been exactly a month since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was released, and once the shimmering new graphics and the star power effect of Kevin Spacey have worn off…what exactly are we left with?

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Playdor1470d ago

I'm hooked to the multiplayer. Don't really care for campaign mode.

madmonkey011470d ago

same shit different year.

Summons751470d ago

couldn't have said it better myself.

n4rc1470d ago

Started the campaign.. Thought it was pretty cool..

Jumped on MP with my buddies, played about 30min and have never touched it since. don't know where the hell they get this idea to ramp up the game speed every year..

Feels like a bunch of crack heads running around lol.. If its your thing then hey, all the power to you.. But its just garbage to me and the last straw.. As a fan I gave them multiple chances and they aren't improving, its getting worse..

mamotte1470d ago

I dont know... it isn't on GameBoy Advance, so it isn't advanced enough.

-Ba dum tss-

Bad joke intended.

BlissSeeker1470d ago

aw hell naw
- Will Smith voice intended

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