On Japanese Developers and Western Audiences

A Pixelated View takes a look at why Japanese developers have lost so much of their market share, and what they can do to restore their damaged reputations.

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kalkano1383d ago

We've been in a really weird state for about 10 years. Those of us that loved Japanese games, loved them for what they used to be. But, Japanese developers have been chasing after people who never liked Japanese games in the first place...

Bigpappy1383d ago

Zelda, Mario everything and Smash brothers still do well in the west. It just seems like other Japanese developers have lost interest because the local gamers have almost all gone to hand held phone and DS games.

kalkano1383d ago

But the main reason they've gone to handhelds and phones, is because that's where the games went. I know, they have long commute times, and that's definitely a contributing factor. But, if they made great console games, I really believe the Japanese gamers would follow them there.

ritsuka6661383d ago

I've never lost faith in the Japanese game industry, but I have lost faith in some Japanese developers. * cough crapcom cough ,square enix *cough*

Agent_hitman1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

When I read this article, the games that popped out in my mind was FF15 and Metal Gear Solid 5

kalkano1383d ago

Yeah, FF15 is the ultimate example of what's gone wrong in the Japanese industry, and how they're chasing after the wrong demographic. Final Fantasy is not an action series, and doesn't make sense when you try to shoehorn it into one.

GreetingsfromCanada1383d ago

Stop making games that are convoluted.

tiffac0081383d ago

Nice article, I agree with it.

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