Street Fighter a PS4 exclusive - is this just the start of the third-party bidding war?

Dealspwn: "One of Capcom's most bankable franchises, Street Fighter has been a multiplatform series for years, but with this latest news suggesting that the next Street Fighter game will be a PS4 console exclusive, one wonders what's been at play behind the scenes."

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DarkOcelet1470d ago

This is really something but let's not forget Xone had Dead Rising 3 as exclusive so I think we will be seeing a bigger third party exclusive from another company in PS Experience.

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jackanderson19851470d ago

isn't deep down a Capcom game exclusive for PS4?

HaydenJameSmith1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

timed I believe...

@Assassingamer136 and Lawboy2

There is no confirmation on the details of its exclusivity...

SuperLupe1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

It's a F2P game ... and not the most excciting looking. Don't think anybody at MS really cares if it's exclusive or not.

Assassingamer1361470d ago

Hayden you're wrong I believe

jackanderson19851470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

@hayden it's exclusive http://www.playstationlifes...

also i think they're part developing it, can't see them giving permission for their work to be on a MS console

Utalkin2me1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )


You the same SuperLupe that camps in Advanced Warfare? Btw, exciting enough for you to put your 2 cents worth in, go figure.

HaydenJameSmith1470d ago


Well perhaps I'm wrong... seems exclusivity on 3rd party games is happening on both sides of the competition.

Gamer19821470d ago

deep down is f2p so its on ps because it means every player can play regardless of there online status. With Xbox you cannot play F2P without live unlike with PS4. That had to be a major factor in Deep Down..

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FuzzyPixels1470d ago

@DarkOCelot: It really is. And it's a new change of strategy for Sony. If they're going to get into a financial dick-swinging match with MS gobbling up third-party titles, things could get messy.

Kinda both exciting and worrying.

XanderZane1470d ago

Change of strategy? Sony has been getting 3rd party exclusives and timed exclusives since the PS1. Way before the Xbox was even created. This isn't anything new for Sony. I could easily list 3rd party exclusives on every Playstation platform. Microsoft has done this as well since they got into the business. This happens every generation. I'm not too worried. Hopefully Sony won't have to sell anymore buildings or 3rd party stocks.

Lawboy21470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Ppl forget that Sony already has a capcom exclusive that just hasn't released yet

Deep down...ppl forget things like this because the game hasn't came out yet....and it's crazy because ppl talk about tomb raider ....but what about the final fantasy that came out this year for the ps4 or maybe we should talk about bloodbourne that everyone loves so much these are all third party whether Sony is helping fund them or not....just like dead rising or TITANFALL or tomb raider


I didn't say Sony funded final it again

"Whether Sony is helping funding them or not"

I was saying that it's a third party exclusive

SuperLupe1470d ago

FF14 is exclusive to PS4 because MS didn't find an agreement with SE concerning the network infrastructure of the game and the policies on Live

showtimefolks1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

is doing what SE did with tomb eaider. This will likely be an exclusive for limited time. In Japan this will happen Sony a lot

Also to those who think Sony can go out of business do you all really know how much assets Sony owns? Seriously do some research. It would take over a decade or more for Sony to go out of business if they keep loosing billions

So yes now that they hav their swag back they will flex their muscle and make a statement. Tomb raider well here SF5 along with deep down along with exclusive early release of many indie titles like no man sky

Ps4 greatness awaits

Bottom line these publishers aew looking for a huge payout. MS started all this will exvluisve DLC with cod and Bethesda games

Now Sony us just playing a fair game
Stop complaining. Ms can do it and its fine but if Sony dies it that it's do bad

A system will install base of 15 plus million already yeah publishers will jump in

Eonjay1470d ago

The beginning of a bidding war? Ryse, Titanfall, Dead Rising, and Tomb Raider weren't even but suddenly this is? Hypocrisy for days. If people are not bothered by Microsoft's practices, they can't turn around and get upset when Sony fights back.

kneon1470d ago

Has it been verified that Sony paid for this? It could be a developer deciding just to not bother with other consoles due to the ps4's dominant position.

fermcr1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Don't act high-and-mighty.
Sony has been paying for 3rd party exclusives since the PS1 days.
Fanboys need to stop being hypocrites. It's business. Sony paid them for console exclusivity, so just move on.

How naive can you be?

DLConspiracy1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

So now we flame the argument who started it first? I think one thing is clear both these companies aren't above money hatting. All the comments about MS doing it before are now null. These companies are out for themselves. Not the gamer. That's what corporations do.

Eonjay1470d ago


The point is that if you didn't complain at the start of the Gen when Microsoft was doing it, you should have nothing to say about it now. That is hypocrisy. This is a pretty basic concept.

DLConspiracy1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )


First off (just to be clear), I was not a fan of the initial Tomb Raider news. However, a lot of people were making it seem like Sony was above Money Hatting for 3rd party exclusivity with Tomb Raider news.


If you were one to complained or against 3rd Party Exclusivity at the start of the Generation you should be against this now. "that is hypocrisy" as well.

frostypants1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

What kneon said. I've been saying for a while that sales DO matter not just to an investor, but to a gamer. Higher sales relative to other consoles = higher probability of developers focusing on that console, if they're only going to pick one. Also, the worse one console sells, the cheaper paid exclusivity is for the competing party. This applies to all technology, really.

It sucks but it is simple reality.

Ever wonder why OSX has such crappy gaming support vs. Windows? Same thing (only much, much worse in that case).

Neonridr1470d ago

true, but people were in an uproar when Tomb Raider was announced as an exclusive. And how it wasn't fair, and blah blah blah. Now MS fans cry foul as they have every right to as well, and now Sony fans are here to say "oh well"...

gangsta_red1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

People are upset because there's no outrage when Sony does the exact same thing MS is accused for killing the industry for. That's where the hypocrisy comes in. That all of a sudden Sony is fighting back, when in fact Sony has been doing it for YEARS.

"In September 1997, Sony Computer Entertainment America signed a deal with Eidos to make console releases for the Tomb Raider franchise exclusive to the PlayStation, preventing the Sega Saturn or the Nintendo 64 from having any Tomb Raider game released for it until 2000, a deal that would prove very beneficial to Sony both in terms of revenue dollars and also in further cementing the PlayStation's growing reputation as the go-to system for must-have exclusive"

Again, it's okay when Sony does it, BUT huge backlash and outrage when MS does the same thing that has been an industry NORM for years.

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ZombieKiller1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

If it is exclusive to PC and PS4, then I say that is a TKO for Microsoft. That would really suck for xbox owners.

I hope everyone gets to play this game. Imagine being a SF fan bigtime and hearing this news after spending $500 on a, I would be PISSED!

On the other hand, it ALL needs to stop. It started for me at the 30 day Call of Duty DLC BS. Stop depriving gamers for making their own choice.

Alsybub1470d ago

It's been that way for a very long time and it was cemented with the PS1. It's not going to change.

We do all have a choice, we can buy both systems. It may not be entirely ideal for everyone but on a positive note, I'd rather have competing companies that are forced to innovate and drive down prices for us - the consumers. If there were a monopoly then we could expect much higher prices on everything and a lot more restrictions.

I'm sure people can work out which is the lesser of two evils.

vega2751470d ago

Why would I or any xbox one owner be pissed. Its on PC also which im pretty sure most people got. Im already getting no man sky on pc and have no problem getting SF5 on steam when the price goes down.

Bigpappy1470d ago

I still vividly remember those days when GTA,all EA sports, FF, Metal Gear and pretty anything Japanese (except for DOA, were exclusive to Playstation. Now I am being told that this was all started by M$. Oh god my head hurts.

Amuro1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

If you remember those days so "vividly" then you must remember the fact that he PS1 and PS2 destroyed the competition, 150m PS2 vs 20-25m GC's and Xbox's. More or less in the same fashion as the DS and 3DS did to the PsP and Vita. That's why so many games like Persona Q and Monster Hunter 4 are exclusive to 3DS.

Now the case of Tomb Raider, Dead Rising, etc. it's clearly money hat shenanigans and SFV is most likely too and MS where the ones that started this 3rd party bidding war.

frostypants1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

@BigPappy, those weren't paid exclusives. They were a developer looking at sales and thinking that supporting the competing platforms would not be worth the effort. And THAT has been going on since the dawn of video gaming. In fact, the recent trend of damn near every 3rd party game being on every platform is kind of unusual in the history of gaming. Back in the day, if a game WAS cross-platform, it was often so different from one platform to the next as to effectively be a completely different game.

kenshiro1001470d ago

Except those games came voluntarily because of install base.

jspsc1231470d ago

i wish this would stop. i dont mind times exclusives because i think it can add hype to a game that wouldnt have got that much interest.

XanderZane1470d ago

I think Microsoft will have some BIG surprises at the E3. Something that will surely top this announcement. Also Tomb Raider and SFV aren't exclusive. I think people keep forgetting the definition of "exclusive". Both games will be on the PC, that's a fact. Not exclusive. Neither of these deals bother me in the least since I own all the systems, including a decent PC. Let the companies fight over the titles. I'll just sit back and enjoy them all.

Angeljuice1470d ago

"I think Microsoft will havesome BIG surprises at the E3. Something that will surely top this announcement."

As will Sony.

DOMination-1470d ago

I actually want more third party exclusives. Brings us back to two gens ago where PS2, Xbix and even GC and DC had real identidies. Nowadays the consoles are practically identical. With the exception of a handful first party games a year.

Spid3r61470d ago

I don't Sony should play this type of power play against a company that has gigantic pockets to buy companies ala Mojang Minecraft.

ashcroft1470d ago


You really need to get laid.

Blaze9291470d ago now we calling things "console exclusives" now eh? LOL

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pwnsause_returns1470d ago

And they said 3rd party exclusives are dead..

pwnsause_returns1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

I know it's on pc as well, now a days bringing a game to pc simulataniously with the console is a way to offset the exusivity on consoles, in other words, making a game like sfv on ps4 as a console exclusive while brining it on pc.

cyril sneer1470d ago

All of you saying it is console exclusive even though it is on pc need to realize if that's the case then every game on pc must be a pc exclusive.

So when GTAV releases on pc that must make it pc exclusive then does it lol.So i don't want to hear you lot saying pc has no exclusives anymore because by console fan boy logic every game is exclusive on pc.

pwnsause_returns1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

No, what I'm saying is that this is what developers are gonna do from now on if they get money hatted by Microsoft or Sony for console exclusivity. Make the game on a one console while developing a pc version for it, in order to consolidate the sales that they are not gonna get out of the console that is not getting the specific game. Nothing fan boyish about it

This has been going on for quite sometime now since last year with ryse, dead rising, and now games like sfv and no man's sky

Pc gamers win here since that means more games to play on pc

BigBosss1470d ago

We are going to see a lot of SFV articles -.-

Revengeance1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

And a lot of crying, and bitching, and moaning from Xboners.

EDIT @FuzzyPixels: But the thing is we have Uncharted 4 which will undoubtedly be better than Tomb Raider. We don't need Tomb Raider as much as Square needs our money.

FuzzyPixels1470d ago

Not seen much of that yet :-P Certainly not as much as the moaning that went on after the Tomb Raider announcement.

Blues Cowboy1470d ago

@Revengeance: I suspect that Square doesn't want to release against Uncharted 4 on the same system. That'd be suicide! For them, they'd probably prefer for Xbox owners to get involved, then to sell loads more when the exclusivity expires later on PS4.

XanderZane1469d ago

They are too busy playing Killer Instinct - Season 2 and waiting for Mortal Kombat X. Capcom needs everyone money. I hope Sony paid them well enough to come out with a profit. It'll be interesting to see Sony's 4th quarter earnings next year.

Fro_xoxo1470d ago

We are going to see more third-party exclusives. . This is probably due to the PS4 sales dominance as well as competitive business decisions.

Fortunately for me, I don't care about Tomb Raider or Street Fighter. . *phew*

FuzzyPixels1470d ago

Agreed. MS had to step things up, and did so with Tomb Raider. Now Sony have had to respond to try and maintain dominance (especially given the financial dire straits of all of their other departments). SF is a big win for them.

KevWriter1470d ago

The jabs at Sony's financial situation are really getting boring.

FuzzyPixels1470d ago

Not a jab, a fact. PlayStation is now crucially important to Sony... more so than it has ever been. Ever.

That's not a jab, that's a fact. Odd thing to get uppity about :-/

ChronoJoe1470d ago

It's because people misrepresent their financial situation, they're not liable for bankrupsy anytime soon and even if they were the Playstation brand is unlikely Sony would either a) close portions of the business hemorrhaging money to pay debt or b) the Playstation brand itself becomes its own company.

In either instance, while Sony have a high chance of financial difficulties in the upcoming years, it's very unlikely to affect their most profitable division. In fact any reduction in Sony's focus elsewhere would probably help the Playstation brand.

TOTSUKO1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

If you know anything about business and financing than you should know Sony is still a long way from bankruptcy.

Yes it is a fact they are not making much profit. $1.08Billion to be exact and $8.08 billion dollars on hand as of May of 2014.

They are $12.52 Billion in debt. Which most people think is a lot but as an investor as myself its not hard for Sony to overcome.

Their market cap is abysmal low however. Thats what Sony needs and wants to fix. They have a foot in many doors of businesses, they just need to step out of some of them or close them temporarily or for good. It just takes good strategy and patience

They still have a pool of assets worth $148.98 Billion which is still considered financially healthy.

Its not a crisis, its a setback.

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