Why PS Experience Is Being Hyped Through The Roof: PS4 Exclusives Disappointed So Far

PS Experience, an event originally created by SCE to celebrate PlayStation's 20th anniversary, is now anticipated as much as the next E3. Why?

At least partly, because most PS4 exclusives disappointed so far.

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Jimboms1418d ago

Quite an interesting subject

kaiserfranz1418d ago

I agree, it's an interesting point of view and sadly it's grounded in reality.

I was psyched about PS4, but I can't name a single exclusive which blew me away. Hopefully that will change soon

JoGam1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Sounds retarded to me. I mean can it be possibly hyped because great games will be shown? Can it be possibly hyped because its a Sony event and a business move? Can it be possibly hyped regardless of if there were good games available or not? Hype has nothing to do with if the current games disappoint or not.

freshslicepizza1418d ago

heavy, if its clickbait then why fall for it and post? maybe just maybe you dont like the content so youd rather hope others ignore it. however those of us who dont care about the console wars can actually make comments and not be emotional about it. its one of the reasons i havent got a ps4 yet, i still dont see much need since there isn't really any game that screams out that i have to get the system yet. bloodborne might be it but i think the mainstream public will have to wait for uncharted before they really get a true aaa next gen game that people have to have and that game might be delayed until 2016.

i have no faith in the order. that looks like yet another game that is trying to sell itself solely on its visuals. the only games so far that interest me is the small game resogun, maybe infamous and the upcoming bloodborne that i dont know if it will be good. chances are it will be.

quite a disappointing year when all the talk from ps4 fans here mainly consists of how well its selling, how much they hate the xbox one and microsoft, along with how great the games will be that aren't out yet. not good advertising in my opinion. which explains why this event over the weekend is getting so much attention.

Forn1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

The way the title was worded it sounds like PS4 exclusives are the things being dissapointed in other things haha.

I'm more than happy with what has been released this year on PS4 exclusive wise. Many fantastic games to play that have kept and continue to keep me busy. I know next year is going to be even better. Can't wait.

breakpad1418d ago

i dont find PS4 exclusives disappointing until now..ok maybe are not the huge hits but they are guaranteed fun ..i would pick Knack and LBP3 over SunsetO. or problematic HALO

nix1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Story Quality: WTF.
Like this website: No.

nowadays.. i just read the headlines and if it sounds like a clickbait, i check the website name. if it's some name i've never heard.. i just don't click on the link. i just downvote them. don't know what it does but i'm trying to make this place a better place.

less the sites like these. less bitter the world will be.

ger23961418d ago

To be fair, no exclusive on either console was ground breaking. Have said that I enjoyed the ones that I played. If you like fps I would recommend killzone shadow fall. I'm currently playing it again and it's a blast.

geddesmond1418d ago

Lol I can't name a single game this generation that has blew me away yet. It's not just PS4 exclusives, its every new gen game. Maybe its because our expectations are too high coming in or maybe the first batch of new gen is just developers getting everything ready.

But so far everything looks pretty but fails to capture my attention enough to actually finish most games.

Nirvana315911418d ago

I'm laughing at all these websites trying to spread negativity after Sony just bought exclusivity to the biggest fighter franchise

Imp0ssibl31418d ago

@JoGam: How could you possibly know for sure that great games will be shown? You want to see them, mainly because you're not playing them on your console.

MysticStrummer1418d ago

@mold - "if its clickbait then why fall for it and post?"

Commenting here doesn't give the site a hit, unless I'm very mistaken.

"maybe you dont like the content so youd rather hope others ignore it."

Maybe if the headline wasn't such obvious click bait I'd read the content. Speaking for myself, I'm not disappointed in the games I've bought so far but I know very well that the first year of a console's lifespan doesn't show much of it's true potential.

"quite a disappointing year when all the talk from ps4 fans here mainly consists of how well its selling, how much they hate the xbox one and microsoft, along with how great the games will be that aren't out yet."

I've seen many people comment and post links proving that PS4 has more games and a higher reviewed overall lineup. That stuff obviously gets ignored because claims like yours keep being made.

Saigon1418d ago

Wow...just wow, I really do not get the train of thought for some people. Sony has been releasing solid games, in its first year of existence for the PS4 all year round and all of a sudden it has no quality games because MS release 3 solid games during the holiday season.

As a gamer there are games you like and games you don't like. saying the PS4 exclusives are disappointing so far is pushing it. They have been solid very enjoyable games for the first year of this consoles life. But the main thing we have to remember is that its the first year for both consoles. It only gets better from here on out.

Also, if you really look at it, both MS and Sony exclusive library is disappointing. Now watch how many disagrees I get because of this last statement. The quality of these games were lack luster good to play but all exclusives released for the new generation consoles, could have been better; but again its only the first year.

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RyanShutup1418d ago

It's being hyped through the roof because Sony is dropping millions of dollars into this event it's set to be on an E3 like scale and they have the floor all to themselves. They know that if they make this event count it will generate buzz that will lead to millions of additional holiday sales.

It will be big... oh yes... it will be big

Alexious1418d ago

That's for sure, but gamers would be less hungry than they are now if they got better exclusives already.

Edward751418d ago

+Bub to you Alex

Great point.

I do think some great games will be shown to make me play my ps4 again. I stopped playing ff14 on it. Beat infamous with a friend , during a weekend visit with the family. Knack had nothing for me, I haven't played killzone...
Oh and LBP isn't my thing, though that game will find a nice niche for playing.
All in all, I'm not totally disappointed, but I did expect more games that would appeal to me.

I do know for sure that a few of the titles in2015 look promising, and I will be playing the hell out of uncharted.

MysticStrummer1418d ago

"gamers would be less hungry than they are now if they got better exclusives already."

That's silly. We're one year into the generation, and we all know the first year's games never show a console's full potential. Anyone who isn't excited about the future of PS4 hasn't been paying attention the last three generations. This year's released could have gotten perfect scores and broken sales records, but I'd still be excited to see what's next.

RyanShutup1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

*edited because double post :/

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Magicite1418d ago

PSX will be like E3 if only Sony attended.

medman1418d ago

I just came here to say I don't give articles such as this the benefit of clicking on it. Preposterous headline, no click. Anyone who expects blockbuster AAA exclusives in the first year of a new console cycle is borderline mentally challenged, and that's being kind.

Alexious1418d ago

You're entitled to your opinion that PS4 exclusives did not disappoint so far. I, and a lot other people, objectively beg to differ.

Thatguy-3101418d ago

Easily click bait. I mean anything that's by Sony gets hyped so much. Microsoft has had the games but none of them were amazing experiences that made any sort of impact in the industry when released so I don't see what people are saying. When the competition creates games that have a similar affect to the industry like Journey, Uncharted 2, The last of Us etc then you can come back and throw these "smart" remarks. Any even that Sony has taken part of these last few years have the same effect. Has nothing to do with games that are currently out. For God sake this is like E3 for Sony fans why on earth wouldn't we be hyped O.o??? Salty much because the competition isn't doing the same I guess. Tomorrow I'll be in Paradise just enjoying myself not because I'm expecting amazing games but because I'm expecting a good experience from the event itself.

mark3214uk1418d ago

nowhere near as hyped as titanfall :)

OB1Biker1418d ago

Its been 20 years, simple as that

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Fro_xoxo1418d ago

to be honest, anything with Playstation involved is always hyped to the moon by the vocal minority. .

It's best to just be quiet, wait and see.

Imp0ssibl31418d ago

There's that sure. But I want to see some big stuff this weekend. SFV is a nice start

JoGam1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Um that can said about any console or game for that matter.

micx1418d ago

Hyping is not a rarity, it happens with most of stuff in computer industries.

Bigpappy1418d ago

This is so obvious. Sony knows they cane up short, and with the holidays here, they need to get some hype going for prospective buyer. If the hype is good,they could create a buzz to push sales on hope of future games. Just need to show potential games in their best light. Whether they actually get released in 2015 or are any good once released is irrelevant.

DigitalRaptor1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Or… it's their 20th anniversary and they are providing a party for themselves and those who support them with a fantastic couple of days of insight and celebration?

It's weird that people keep pushing this "Sony have fallen short" malarkey.

PlayStation consoles have never EVER had a super strong lineup in their first year on the market. PlayStation consoles have always taken time to get the exclusives ball rolling. Regardless of that, PS4 still has the most games, and pound-for-pound the highest rated ones too. So "coming up short" is a garbage conclusion to find.

Maybe they have lots of great games to announce now that they are in a state to be announced? Did you ever think of that, or are you still trying to troll Sony like you did all of last gen?

Plus, it's not even Sony that is hyping this all up. It's the fans. Have you even seen the NeoGaf thread? Its mad cycle of dream reveals based on rumours.

ccgr1418d ago

T%he Xbone is gaining ground with the price drop, Sony has to do something to maintain its dominence

xHeavYx1418d ago

Yeah, no... What happens once the X1 price goes back to normal after the holidays?

King_of_Nothing1418d ago

I'd be surprised if they reverted the price back.

yarbie10001418d ago

I can't see them raising the price again. Think this was a test-run. X1 still sitting at #1 on Amazon best sellers and has been there ever since BF. Think that's the right price point. Just my opinion

thanhgee1418d ago


the right price point? the right price point is where they're able to make a decent profit, I hardly doubt the xb1 division is making a lot of money at the moment..

WeAreLegion1418d ago

The PS4 bundle was #1 all of Black Friday.

PockyKing1418d ago

You spend way too much time defending a piece of hardware and its sales numbers. Sheesh.

Death1418d ago

It wouldn't make much sense to increase the price of the Xbox One after the Holidays. The free pack in games will disappear like they do every year, but the price should stay at the $349 and $449 MSRP. By saying it is a temporary price point it helps increase Holiday sales.

Microsoft posted $900 million in operating profit last quarter in the division that houses gaming. A $50 price cut will definitely take a nice chunk from the margin, but it is extremely unlikely they will post a loss. Contrary to what some people think, Microsoft isn't willing to sell at a loss just to brag about sales.

The_Noid1417d ago

3400 comments? Have you ever actually seen a woman in your life?

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Nekroo911418d ago

To gain ground the xbox needs to sell more consoles than the ps4, and that doesent happen in worldwide sales.

LordMaim1418d ago

Xbox has made some good changes to its offering since launch.

However, the Xbox One is not gaining ground, just losing ground at a reduced rate. It will be a long time before that will change.

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