TellTale Art: Three Properties That Deserve the TellTale Treatment

UM writes: All licensed games are terrible. For years, there were few truer axioms in all of popular culture. After getting burned by the Superman 64s, the Fight Club fighters, and the oh so many Bat-tastrophes, most gamers grew to believe that if it carried a familiar name, still treat it as if it were a stranger and don’t let it give you a ride.

And then this small company out of California came out of nowhere and…well…it was a game changer. Their name is TellTale and with incredibly high quality, award-winning games based off of preexisting properties such as Back to the Future, Fables, and, of course, The Walking Dead, they’re proving that there’s still hope somewhere in the digital domain for licensed games.

With TellTale’s new A Song of Ice and Fire (that’s Game of Thrones to you non-readers) and Tales from the Borderlands game, the company is showing there’s no end to their dominance over name brand gaming. And I’m happy for it.

BUT I WANT MORE, DAMNIT! So, today I’ll be suggesting three more pop culture properties that could work beating with TellTale’s heart. Fingers crossed they’re paying attention. Though to be honest, they could do a “Bailey Kipper’s POV” game and I’d buy two copies of it.

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GokuSolosAll1472d ago

Time for anime or more games to get Telltale releases. Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, Death Note or Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear...lots of options. I wish Lego would pick these up, too.

If they insist on doing TV, film or comics again next, then let it be Star Trek, Star Wars, or Spider-Man.

I love this company but Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones, Borderlands...these aren't what I'd pick as a successful and talented company. &b4 butthurt fans.

Blues Cowboy1472d ago

"Time for anime or more games to get Telltale releases"

Cowboy Bebop would be my shout. They could make some GREAT new stories in that universe.