Sony doesn't believe DriveClub's troubled launch damaged its reputation

PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan doesn't believe that DriveClub's troubled launch damaged Sony's reputation, and that fans "understand that mistakes [happen] as long as you apologise and make them right".

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rodiabloalmeida1270d ago

Oh sony, you can bet it did. Just think better.

KOIMOJO1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I honestly agree with him. I feel like drive club wasn't a big enough disaster on a big enough game to really hurt their reputation. When you put everything in perspective I think it is and will be looked at as just a small blip. I haven't yet had the negative ambiance surround the thought of Sony as I have with companies like EA or Ubisoft concerning their respective mishaps.

I don't know if the reason is because I think of all of sony's developers as seperate companies unlike the others, but I definately have no hesitation to buy more of their upcoming games. Maybe the next evolution game.... But that's about it lol.

Alsybub1270d ago

Agreed, it will have damaged the reputation of Evolution but not Sony.

rodiabloalmeida1270d ago

It's a small blip indeed. But denying the damage, especially if you think on the PSN Plus perspective, you just can't.

Palitera1270d ago

It is another proof that Sony's network still sucks. How is this not damaging?!

nix1270d ago


i guess you're right. as much as i hate the launch of broken games, i don't think Sony's image was damaged with DC. Evolution's image on the other hand.. tch tch.

remember Lair? i think the devs got flamed for putting the motion sensors as the only way to control the dragons. devs probably got flamed because sony lets devs do what they want to do.. so inevitably it became the devs fault for that move.

DC probably falls under the same category. will i buy the game after i pick up a PS4. yes. definitely yes.

it takes years and years of deliveries of terrible games to blame the publishers. for example EA and now Ubisoft. these two publishers have tied devs hand and made them release broken, stupid games again and again.

kayoss1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

How is it going with Halo MCC on multiplayer?? Did you like the DDOS earlier last week by lizard squad>
Take your comment and shove it because both network are not perfect. Each have a problem of their own. I didnt want to attack you, but your comment is idiotic. Have you ever sat down and think that its not the network that is the problem but the game itself.

BadlyPackedKeebab1270d ago

Hands who's getting drive club 2?

thought so...

hay1270d ago

It's not much of a hit. It's a bit bleak for Evolution and their fans but Sony already walked it off. The only things damaged are our game expectations, pleasure of riding the hypetrain and a little bit of faith towards the pre-ordering and announcements.

Volkama1270d ago

Maybe it didn't damage their reputation, but it scuppered an opportunity to build on it.

PSN doesn't have a great reputation relative to Live (rightly or wrongly, Live is perceived as having stronger multiplayer infrastructure), so a major first party game releasing well would have gone some way towards established PSN as a worthy rival.

donthate1269d ago

It might not hurt Sony in the long run, but I think the answer and the attitude will surely hurt Sony in the long run!

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freshslicepizza1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

it has hurt their reputation because the issues with driveclub get compounded due to every time psn has issues and is down for maintenance. consumers have been questioning sony's online infrastructure for years and driveclub's issues with no psn plus version in sight highlights these issues even more. lengthy delays in messages getting delivered and the way trophies syn. also reflect on the network.

Utalkin2me1270d ago

I hate people that have no clue about PSN. During maintenance you can not access the store or your account info. You can still play online and chat and message and all that stuff. I'm kind of suprised people still even make this comment, cause people with PSN knows what goes on.

freshslicepizza1270d ago

you can play online as long as you log in at a certain time period. why cant you explain why they need to shut off certain service in order to do maintenance and not be able to do this in the background? why didn't you comment on why messages take so long to get to the receiver? why didnt you comment about how trophies sync? or why they still cant release the plus version of driveclub yet still sell the game online?

dont just cherry pick one area and hit disagree because you dont want to admit the service has issues that should have been addressed long ago.

LordMaim1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Looking at the sales, maybe not, but word of mouth can kill you. They have a long road to recover their goodwill.

Honestly though, you can't expect him to answer a loaded question like this with any other answer. It's his job to make it right, not give up hope. By acknowledging the problem and following through on the plan to correct the issues, he's standing by the people who bought the game. Only time will tell if it will be enough.

WickedLester1270d ago

Actually I think word of mouth is HELPING Driveclub. While the initial reviews weren't kind to the game, those of us who bought it and are playing it are loving it! I dont' hesitate for a second to tell people to try it out because the game is a blast!

Bigpappy1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Playstation and Apple have the most loyal fanbases on the planet. I don't think this in near enough to cause any real back lash.

M$ was probably hurt more by Halo's network issues. That game is way more important, and even if they sell millions, I am sure they lost just as many who would have bought it on the hype alone. Plus prior to this problem, Xbox was riding high on their network being supper stable. Even though this is a coding issue, it will still hurt that image.

averagejoe261270d ago

Yup. Microsoft lost me. Was planning on getting xbox1 for the halo remasters but I decided not to because of the issues.

I don't think anyone is refusing to buy ps4's because of driveclub's issues.

Ps4's reputation definitely wasn't damaged. Maybe a few gamers but definitely not the gaming community.

demonicale1270d ago

Yes it did, and it taught me never to buy another launch game again. I will wait a few weeks before buying games in future. Also i will NEVER buy a digital purchase again.

KOIMOJO1269d ago

That is smart practice now days period.

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Jimboms1270d ago

Interesting article mate.

blakstarz1270d ago

I don't think it did much damage, I'm still looking forward to playing the game myself.

weirdo1270d ago

It's the best driving experience I've ever had, was playing online last night until 4pm. Sooo pretty.

imt5581270d ago

Challenges online are great!

Anyway, game sold in decent numbers, so i don't think Sony's or Evolution's reputation is damaged.

averagejoe261270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I agree. The game is awesome. People jump on the hate train without even playing it themselves.

That's why Sony's reputation wasn't hurt by this... Because the game is actually good.

Intentions1270d ago

Oh I don't believe it would damage their reputation, even if it does it would be small.

Now I can't say the same thing to Evolution Studios tho.

Regardless, it would be pretty annoying. Even tho I have to say, I don't like the way he commented about this, seems like he is trying to make it seem like it wasn't a problem.

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