Nintendo customer service says 'no announced plans' for Fatal Frame 5 localization

According to Nintendo's customer service, there are currently 'no announced plans' to release Fatal Frame 5 in the West.

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scark921289d ago

Damn Japan! You guys need to share!!

Feriku1289d ago

This doesn't mean "no," it's a refusal to give definite information, which is to be expected (I'd be shocked if Nintendo just revealed localization news to someone who contacted customer service). It also seems to be Nintendo's default response to localization questions. I've gotten that response more than once.

GokuSolosAll1289d ago

Come on, quit keeping good games Japan exclusive, it's dumb. Even if they only make a tiny profit then it's worth it to please their fanbase. That's the only way to do good business.

mydyingparadiselost1289d ago

Thanks customer service, of there were announced plans for a localization then I'm pretty sure we'd know about that by now.
Also, why even make an article about this? We KNOW there are no announced plans...

pompombrum1289d ago

I wish we had daily articles about it.. if there was that much stuff written on it, maybe Nintendo would feel more compelled to try and help get it localized.

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The story is too old to be commented.