Yakuza Zero Has A Mini-Game Where You Bet On Catfights

Whether you take money from beating up thugs or win it through gambling, Yakuza Zero offers all kinds of ways to make money. Sega have now introduced one more way to do this, with a “Catfight” feature that can win you some big cash. The official website depicts the feature in detail.

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Amuro1269d ago

too bad this series ha no chance of being localized anymore.

mt1269d ago

this will be deleted if it got localized.

Perjoss1269d ago

I don't see why, a catfight is just a fight between 2 women, unless they over sexualize it somehow in the game. Its really no different from placing a bet on a male boxing match, but nobody really seems to care when 2 men beat each other around the head with the possibility of brain damage.

mt1269d ago

in gaming industry it is different. in movies it is very ok for even a man to hit a woman or children for the sake of the story; however, when the same scenario happened in video game , CNN and FOX news and MOMs are striking against that game. to summarize it, male hitting male ok, woman hitting woman could be ok. man hitting woman, or child no ok.

jambola1269d ago

but what about wrestling games that have basically the same thing?

Monkeycan81269d ago

Very Nice! I hope this does come out of Japan.

Inception1269d ago

I'm not gonna wait for sega to localize this. So i hope the guy(s) who made english walkthrough for Yakuza 5 and Ishin will do this too asap.