Wii U System Update Version 5.3.2 Now Available

Wii U system update version 5.3.2 U is now available for users in all regions. While providing improved system stability, suspect changes include fixes for error codes 160-0103 and 160-1710.

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mydyingparadiselost1262d ago

"Improvements to system stability and usability"
System is so stable it has a wife, mortgage, 3 children, retirement fund and enough time to enjoy itself on its days off.

MSBAUSTX1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Agreed. I never have an issue with it at all. Works pretty dam well and gets played for a long time usually.

Off topic but I was a basher of Amiibo when it was announced and now I am freaking hooked. Curse you Nintendo.

N4g_null1262d ago

I told you! If I'm going to buy more I want xenoblade Amiibo with the dolls!

iplay1up21262d ago

Mine crashed in the middled of a gaming session yesterday, that was the first time in at least six months though.

AJBACK2FRAG1262d ago

It's not Nintendos fault!!! Nintendo offers a freedom of choice to buy their products or to not buy their products. If you used some self control you wouldn't be hooked on little plastic toys with very little function. Sure they look cool but what's more important?

N4g_null1262d ago

I'm really enjoying how they are branching out. It feels natural to video gaming. As a designer though I should really tolerate other pop game types. I'm hoping they continue with this system setup and just add a crazy powerful gpu to this gpgpu setup. Nvidia will have stack dram by then and it should be cheaper. Then the communication to the cpu array would be super fast.

It is crazy how they have silently embraced most high end tech while trying to stay affordable. It seems $250 is still the sweet spot for buying a Nintendo console for most people. I really hope nintendo offers a true android like os and system support meaning that a base model at 250 and a 4k full high end spec would also be supported. This would create a standard for porting to lower end tech.

They may not win this gen but the good will they are creating might actually win some people back.

AKR1262d ago

It's changed so much, I find it hard to believe this is the same system I bought 2 years ago. I love Nintendo’s response to any errors that pop up; less than a week, dang.

randomass1711262d ago

I've only had mine since MK8 came out. :U How was it different two years ago if you don't mind my asking?

RosweeSon1262d ago

Just a bit slower the games sometimes took an age to load but it all still worked ok, it was never gonna be a ps4 but I was happy since day one, they did some good deals early on tho, I got 10% on all digital downloads (expires end of this month) and 5 virtual consoles games for 30p! Absolute bargain when they normally clock around £4/5! But yeah was so long ago I can barely remember it now that and it was getting majorly used when I first got it, mario kart installed now with free copies of Pikmin and Zelda and now smash bros absolutely brilliant console just getting better and better. Great secondary system.

AKR1261d ago

- The rate of game-releases has increased ten-fold.
- Miiverse has become a whole lot better.
- FOLDERS (!!!)
- Snappier and more stable OS

...That sums it up. Basically, it's improved in just about every area to make it a rather solid all-round system.

R00bot1261d ago

It also used to crash quite frequently, like I'd play it for 5-6 hours and it would crash about 2 times in that time. You'd need to pull the plug to fix the crash as well.

randomass1711261d ago

They didn't have folders on launch? o.O How unstable was it exactly?

AKR1261d ago

No, folders weren't implemented until a few months ago. The OS was stable to an extent, but crashes happened enough times to be a noticeable annoyance.

jegheist20141262d ago

ill update but im still not playing my wii u until i have heard good reports i dont need brick its killing me not to play smash but risk of bricking my wii u is not worth it since i bought used one its not covered id have return to gstop since its 8gb model yup ill have wait foreva to get replacement.

deafdani1261d ago

Apparently the bug that freezes the system only happens when you play the "For Glory" online mode in Smash.

So, play Smash, and just don't play that mode, and you will be fine. This isn't a widespread issue or anything.

jegheist20141261d ago

ok thanx cuz i read error code wasnt related to the game but architec ture of wiiu system didnt want brick thanx for info

deafdani1261d ago

Oh, wait. I wasn't aware of that. It seems I replied to you with outdated information.

Sorry about that.

I'm still playing the Wii U, though, even if I have some of the games that have triggered those error codes in some people. I mean, you could actually get fatal flaws from any console, but the failure rates are pretty low, so I'm just risking it, I guess.