Which console should you get for Christmas? (Hint: Neither. Get a PC)

MWEB GameZone writes: "This is really a no-brainer choice. The only console that has earned a place in the Christmas stockings is No Console. Because you really should be getting a PC."

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CongoKyle1441d ago

Pleas Santa, I'd like to join the Master Race this Christmas.

traumadisaster1441d ago

For any console player complaining about 60 fps and 1080p and graphic fedelity and has money and wants to tinker....pc.

Otherwise consoles are great for the masses.

FriedGoat1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Yup, pc's are great for graphics and old games. Unfortunately nobody develops any big AAA exclusives for PC any-more.

I think we have Star Citizen coming, Carmack's occulus game, nothing else really noting other than terrible 3rd party ports. -edit oh yeah, Blizzards version of Team fortress 2 aswell... sigh...

Unfortunately it's not like the glory days back around the year 2000. When the PC had exclusives like Half-Life 2, Dues Ex, Kingpin, Quake, UT, Total Annihilation, C&C and loads more. Could probably name 100 games if I tried, now I could count on one hand.

Angeljuice1441d ago

I game on both, consoles offer a far better overall gaming experience, PC has better graphics.

Everyone already owns a PC anyway so I don't see the point of the argument.

DevilOgreFish1441d ago

"Which console should you get for Christmas? (Hint: Neither. Get a PC)"

Just for mods and 60fps alone.

SonZeRo1441d ago

Can i have one of each? Each has their strengths and weaknesses, can't we all just get along?

PCGamingNoobs1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

NO we can't get along. because people that choose one path like to act like its a dick measuring competition..... rather than, you know... playing games.

*EDIT* for the record i own PS4, XBOX ONE and a pc. i only really use my PS4 at the minute.

Nodoze1441d ago he types this on his PC.

PC is the proper choice as their is still no compelling exclusive software. That will change moving forward, but right now PC is where it is at.

pkb791441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

@Nodoze no way to post using a phone, or tablet, or using the Web browser on a console? Has to be a PC does it?

hiredhelp1441d ago

Facepalm why have this discussion why make article start stupid fued jees let ppl choose what they want.

Perjoss1441d ago

I'm not having this discussion, and dont call me Facepalm.

Sillicur1441d ago

Now this i agree with, PC ftw!!!!

hiredhelp1441d ago

Yeh PC is a beast heck if anyone knows this i would years experiance but fact is not everyone wants a PC not everyone Can afford a PC.
That reminds me I gota think about my next build next year :/

1441d ago
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