Assassin's Creed fans tell Ubisoft they want a break after Victory leak

ASSASSIN'S CREED is set to get another instalment next year set in Victorian era London, but some fans are not so keen to see such a quick return for the franchise.

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JohnathanACE1473d ago

Defiantly for the best. I like the games and all but releasing a new one yearly is just to much.

Jimboms1473d ago

totally agree, and I would call myself a massive fan of the series.

Ezz20131473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Ubisoft: ""Wanna a break?! .....have a Kit-Kat""

hay1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

"Recently there has been a leak of a new Assassin's Creed game. The next-gen sequel to best-selling franchise will be called Assassin's Creed: Kitkat and is a response to screaming voice of fans throughout the world saying they want a break with Assassin's Creed.

In recent interview random Ubisoft manager said this:
"We cherish our install base like our own parents, we will always do what our fans want that's why we decided to make Assassin's Creed: Kitkat our number one priority. Not only players will be able to play exactly the same thing all over and over again with slightly different flavour, but they will also have the opportunity to order a Kitkat in the same convenient way they could buy a Season Pass, DLC or burn money in any way desired so they would finally stop bitchin' about our top quality products and buy more of them. For customers who are not themselves when hungry we went miles ahead and started developing a Kitkat spin-off called Assassin's Creed: Snickers which will introduce the ground breaking Sneak mechanic in to the genre."

Ubisoft also announced new achievement trophy reward giveaway extraordinaire extravaganza bonanza system, which gives player points for each game bought and allows them to exchange it for other very samey games you already have or do not care in particular. The feature Ubisoft is most excited about is the ability to accumulate points by buying the same game multiple times for additional points.

What do you think? Comment in the section below."

1nsomniac1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

I also hate auto-correct & the word definitely...

I have lost count of the amount of times I've told people "I'll do it defiantly".

On topic though with the amount of content it includes the series should release at very least every other year.

lipton1011473d ago

I agree. They need to take a break to re-evaluate their core game and improve on it. I wasn't too keen on late 18th century France, I'll feel the same, but moreso, concerning 19th century London.

There needs to be a paradigm shift. Assassins creed games would work PERFECT in a WW1 setting, and givin the advancement in technology to that time, it could really change up gameplay.

If they HAD to go 19th century it should've been NYC 5 points, al la Gangs of New York.

bixxel1472d ago

We'll hear soon in the new interview:
"AC Vic has been built from the ground up.New and improved combat,made harder.In addition to a 'dedicated' crouch button,there's a 'dedicated' prone button too.New character is called 'James' or something like that.James will me more brash,charismatic and will have more depth than Ezio.He'll join the Assassins and

starrman19851473d ago

Couldn't agree more! I think they need rethink their formula a little bit, with all their current releases they seem to re-apply their same formula. FC, AC, Watchdogs all follow a similar structure. AC is a brilliant title but I think it needs to go back to its routes, be less open world and much more focused on assassination!

UKmilitia1473d ago

thye need to sort out there AI issues and reduce number and things to create smoother game.
nobody gives a shit that unity has 10000 people in the square,1000 and it would look full

bixxel1472d ago

Don't misunderstand however.Each game takes a 2-3 year cycle.AC U took 4.Though it's still broken.

cpm106821472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Very true since they split it up among different studio locations. Every new game that comes out is more complex then the first which means more to break. Plus the dev kits are not the same as the released consoles. While I don't disgree that they need to thoroughly test the games on actual consoles before releasing, I do disagree that being against annual releases out of principle is stupid.

The series is good and if different studios can develop for 4 years then stagger releases every year so be it. I'll buy them and play to 100% as I always do. By the way playing Unity on Max details on a R9 290 at [email protected] average. Given the level of detail with the level design, I'm good with that. The only thing I miss is the modern day story involving the gods/ancients

N311V1472d ago

I look forward to the yearly release of an AC game. The leak of Victory was early but they would have announced it by March anyway.

I'm sure Unity sold well and I while the vocal minority are beating their drums I don't hear the millions of fans complaining, quite the opposite in fact, most really like Unity. Until people actually stop buying them, Ubisoft will continue to provide customers with an AC game every year. Seven years later and I say we're not there yet.

phantomexe1472d ago

I'd stand in line ever year for one.I'm a huge fan of AC and i can't get my fill so keep them comeing. More comics,novels and games. If ppl don't want it stop buying them but myself "i want more"

3-4-51472d ago

AC3...I was done after that....or at least I thought.

AC4 was a lot of fun.....mostly because it wasn't really an AC game.

AC:Unity was possibly more boring than AC3....

I'm DONE for a while...No urge to play this series anymore as it currently is.

GreetingsfromCanada1472d ago

Once sales drop, they'll put it away for a while like they've done with splinter cell, and until recently rainbow six

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luis_spartano1473d ago

Wanna a break? DO NOT BUY IT!

zeuanimals1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Best to not make the game so they don't waste resources on a game nobody wants. Instead, they can allocate it elsewhere and when people want another AC game, they can start on it. But this is Ubisoft.


Obviously people "want" it, but if they milk it with the same amount of polish applied to each game... They're gonna lose fans.

TimeSkipLuffy1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

You assume that nobody wants it but if the game shows significant sales number UbiSoft was correct to milk that franchise. It all depends on the consumer. If UbiSoft sees no profit in releasing this franchise every year they just add another number to a different franchise of theirs.

lipton1011473d ago

I'm not interested in 19th century London. It should really be WW1 Germany / Europe. Despite the best efforts of the Assassins, The Templars assassinate Franz Ferdinand, sparking World War 1. The possibilities for new gameplay could revolutionize the series. They shouldn't fear technology. AC would still be applicable and relevant, even in a WW2 setting. Anything past 1945 gets iffy for me

cpm106821472d ago

This is all about the vocal minority complaining loudly that a new detailed game has bugs. What new game of this scale doesn't? Heck I remember back to the original playstation games having bugs too and those couldn't be patched. People should compare sales numbers to the number of complainers and see how big the issues really are.

While I'll gladly take a free Far Cry 4 for the season pass from Ubi, I feel bad because I'm most of the way through Unity on PC and really haven't had but one or two random bugs.

dumahim1472d ago

Sure, we can take a break, but they'll still release a broken game every year.

N311V1472d ago

Exactly. Unbisoft have stated in the past that the series was initially annualised because the fans were calling for it. Now they've come to expect it. While it still sells well it will continue to be released yearly.

thricetold1472d ago

Well said Luis

Tired of these loud mouths that think everyone should feel the same way or have the nerve to speak for every gamer.

No one is forcing you dweebs to buy the game every year! The same goes for any series that is annualized, cod, bf, Madden, etc.

I haven't bought an ac game since brotherhood, maybe you loud mouths should try something similar, instead of talking out your necks on forums. These companies respect the dollar, not your worthless online opinions.

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zeuanimals1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Ubisoft responds: "You want Assassin's Creed: Break? Sure, we can make that game too."

Alsybub1473d ago

It just doesn't sit right with me to have such a huge game with yearly iterations.

If you were to play the whole game with all the side missions you'd probably only be done with it a short time before the next game is released. That's just milking the franchise to death.

TimeSkipLuffy1473d ago

Well, UbiSoft got many studios working for them. The engine is finished. They can use that and just concentrate on creating a new map, new story and characters and maybe some new little things for gameplay. They don't need to develop everything from gound up.

Alsybub1472d ago

I know that and totally get it. To be able to have yearly releases they need to be able to re-use assets.

I'm talking about from the point of view of the consumer.

Codewow1473d ago

If you want a break, wait for the game to Drop to $20 and pick it up then. If no one truly wants it, you'll see that price tag drop a lot quicker than normal.

TimeSkipLuffy1473d ago

Spot on! The consumer decides if UbiSoft is doing the right thing with annual releases. They wouldn't do it if sales were horrible and their would be no profit at all :D

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