Grand Theft Auto fans call for ban on ‘sickening’ Bible in fightback after attack on the game writes:

The post on claims the “sickening” religious book encourages readers to “commit sexual violence and kill women”.

But there’s more to the controversial statement than meets the eye.

It is part of a growing movement in the gaming community to subvert criticism directed at Grand Theft Auto V, which was banned from Target and Kmart this week.

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BigBosss1418d ago

I sorta knew this was going to happen. Taking a game out of shelves and someone or group of people striking back.

Dear Lord, what has the world come too :/

hay1418d ago

The world has come to the point of arguing which pathological fictional bullshit is more degrading to psychical health instead of simply producing better results.

WeAreLegion1418d ago

Jesus, dude. Warn people before you swing something around with that much edge. There could be a hemophiliac here.

hay1418d ago Show
Conzul1418d ago

I marked you as offensive.

Because neither the content of the Bible nor the content of Grand Theft Auto is outside the realm of possibility. Also because I happen to worship both.

hay1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I marked you as immature 'cause there's no Ignorant option. Bible IS A LIE which was used to murder milions of my people and ancestors and is a blashpemy to God and any human on the planet, in opposite to GTA which is just a satire on human ignorance and stupidity.

I happen to really like one and know the other is a ridiculous pile of lies some uneducated people tend to worship.That's why it's bullshit.

But yeah, let's ignore history, research and focus on the topic of fairly incompatible with modern world faith instead, invented reaaaly long ago to reign the fools. That's what gaming is all about acutally. Allegiance to a brand, company, logo or a name. That's why those censorship bans are sane, professional reviews are trustworthy and official release trailers are descriptive.

The abrahamic tetragrammaton(Judaism, Christianism, Islam and parts of Hindu) is a deceptive lie and it will be fought off with all the might.

This ban is dumb and shouldn't be set. This conversation is pointless, and should end before it even started.

Sheikh Yerbouti1417d ago

No one is forcing you to believe, why do you have to insult someone because they believe otherwise. Freedom of religion is a freedom to believe what you want.

People like yourselves and Bill Nye who prioritize their beliefs over others and have no hesitation to throw insults and factless accusation are exactly the type of people who start wars, inquisitions and behead those different from them...not any one religion or belief per se.

telekineticmantis1417d ago

Which book produces better results than the bible? I mean, I know you nothing about the bible, and probably little about true world history, but I still would be enchanted by your attempt.

Dee_911417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

As a man in faith I love this petition lol.
It shows that you can interpret just about anything in a negative way.

@Sheikh Yerbouti
Umm yea, people do force you to believe, which might be the reason a lot of people turn atheist.You can bet your ass that when jesus was hanging with gays and prostitutes he wasn't yelling at them to repent or go to hell lol.But yes, there is a hypocrisy within both crowds to some point.

Your comment gave me migranes.
Let me offend a lot of people and defend muh lovely gamez!!

hay1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

@Dee_91: If you could read and comprehend, you'd actually see I'm pitting both in the same entertainment box.

@telekeneticmantis: Cute attempt.

Dee_911417d ago

"you'd actually see I'm pitting both in the same entertainment box."

... which is why your comment gave me a migraine..

Harold_Finch1417d ago

Conzul labelled a post immature because he believes in GOD, fantastic. There's one loss for the smart generation. Hopefully this crap will be exinct in a few hundred years...

One question, what type of relious person plays a game like GTA V???? What the hell do you expect in this fiction within fiction it's the Inception style of lying????

Conzul1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


Um,,,NO, I marked him as *offensive*, not immature.
Because he called the Bible "pathological fictional bullshit". Oh and GTA, because he was referring to both.

The Bible is a record and GTA is a satire. Neither produce pathology in a person, but may reveal it if already present.

"One question, what type of relious person plays a game like GTA V????"

Ehhh, telling a person that they don't exist is a surefire way to piss them off.

Dee_911417d ago

"There's one loss for the smart generation. "
Ahh yes the "smart generation".Very post barbaric, very tolerant bunch... unless you disagree with what they think.More like the hypocritical generation.So smart, so much intelligence, but no common sense.

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dasbeer881418d ago ShowReplies(3)
spicelicka1418d ago

Well the question is, do target and Kmart sell bibles?

This all seems ridiculous to me. I definitely don't think GTA should be banned, but this is an absurd way to protest that.

rainslacker1418d ago

Honestly, this does nothing to really help people see gamers in a good light. Attacking the church only plays into the stereotype that gamers are morally bankrupt.

SteamPowered1417d ago

Really? I don't see any difference between gamers denouncing the bible anymore than the church goers protesting gta. Tit for tat really. Christians protesting against gta are no more mature than these gamers protesting the bible. Nobody is forcing their kids to play gta any more than gamers are forced to go to church.
It's almost a sweet irony that Christians are rioting over this game and it's fictionalized violence, compared to the bible and it's "accurate" depiction of the beginnings of Christianity, who's roots were born in violence.

iSuperSaiyanGod1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

If you're really comparing the bible to gta , you're a f'ing retard . No offense but anybody who even thinks they're the same thing or on the same level obviously is a basement troll .

rainslacker1417d ago

Denouncing either is mostly based on assumptions and misinformation. I was speaking more about in perception. If Christians already had it in their minds that gamers were morally corrupt, then stuff like this doesn't help, because Christians do tend to not like people talking bad about their religion.

Ark_1417d ago

These petitions are satire and made me laugh in the fist place.

Imo many ppl react a bit oversensitive here, concerning their beloved game or religion. The original petition to ban the game has at least an understandable background of real life experience, although it heads in the wrong direction.

All in all: news is funny stuff.

UKmilitia1417d ago

right so bishops can fiddle kids,but i cant kill hookers?
talk about double standards

Harold_Finch1417d ago

Eaxctly, we should all live in fear of "pissing you off" i apologise. In the future, i'll let your beliefs be more important than the beliefs of the Rockstar employees and the N4G user's.

For goodness sake, they are trying to ban a game because a developer chose to showcase his own beliefs, it is hypocritical.

Stalin and Mao were athiests who started a lot of conflict that killed many innocent people, they didn't believe in any religion because they thought of themselves as gods, religion is 15% good deeds and 85% pain, it is simply past it's sell by date.

Plus, the bible isn't a recording, it is a story, made up by a man who wanted to rule a village in some far off land.

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JohnathanACE1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Why the hell are these idiots picking on Christians? It was moronic leftists and feminists that got the game banned, Christians have nothing to do with it. Its ironic that they're dong the exact same thing they're mad about to a group that did absolutely nothing to them.

paul-p19881418d ago

I personally think it's to prove a point that there are various texts and forms of media that have violence contained in them but no-one bats an eyelid, yet computer games get accused of causing mass-shootings/rapes/acts of mindless violence on a daily basis.

All religious texts are full of violence, so this could just as easily have been applied to any other religion. Unless Islam has overtaken it by now, I think Christianity is still the most popular religion in the world, so I would guess that is why they picked it for this campaign.

ThatOneGuyThere1418d ago

reading about violence that once happened != simulated player controlled violence. I'm not saying GTA5 causes any sort of aggression issues, I own GTA and if i thought that it would somehow impact my mental health I would not have purchased it.

Cueil1418d ago

The Bible preaches peace though...

Rhaigun1417d ago

I've never heard of anyone starting a war or killing someone in the name of GTA. Happens with religion all the time.

Spartacus101418d ago

Because the majority of Australians are Christians so that way they can show more people the irony.

Even if they used another religion, there would still be someone questioning why they used that, so theres no way they were going to win in that context.

Pogmathoin1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Australia gave us Mad Max.... The irony......

Spart, maybe, who cares.... They never pulled that movie from its shelves, did they? Yet more gruesome things happened to women in that movie...

Spartacus101418d ago

@ Pogmathoin
Yeah because Mad Max is as popular as christianity isnt it?

pompombrum1418d ago

The logic is fight satire with satire.. at least that's the best conclusion I came up with.

uth111418d ago

I'm not sure that it's a serious effort. I think it may be to mock the GTA thing.

Rachel_Alucard1418d ago

The comments on the petition are the best part!

Adolf Hitler:
It inspired me to kill 6 million jews!

rainslacker1418d ago

Would have been better to start a petition asking target and K-Mart to just start selling the game again. I'm sure it'd get more signatures than the one asking them to stop.

Dasteru1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

They are not picking on christians specifically. They are making a point about how stupid it is to ban/remove something based on a few select people taking offence.

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refocusedman1418d ago

Has it really gotten to the point where people worship videogames as an alternative. Smh.....

G20WLY1418d ago

An alternative to what? A book? Yeah, that would be madness! /s

People can believe whatever the they want to. Who are you or I to judge?

SteamPowered1417d ago

An alternative to what? Another cult telling you about the riches of the afterlife? It's 2014 already and we are still hung up on religion? When will society advance and leave religion and it's prejudices behind?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1418d ago

What ever happened to free speech and freedom to choose? People have the right to read the bible and people have the right to play GTA V. As long as a person's actions are within the confines of the law, they have the right to do what ever they want to do.

stuna11418d ago

Sadly this will only get worse considering that even here in the United States the Constitution is under attack. More and more the freedom to say or, do what is within the confines of the laws and Constitution are being rewritten.

Gamble201418d ago

This isn't a question of whether you have the "freedom" to play the game or read the Bible. Regardless of the retailers decisions, you do have that option.

This is a decision by individual (albeit large and more Liberal) retailers not to carry the game so that they don't lose customers in a boycott. Are those retailers being overly sensitive to radical feminists groups? Absolutely. But this isn't a political issue or an issue of freedom. It's an issue of whether Target is stupid or not.

JohnathanACE1418d ago

The fact that they went along with it and banned it says yes they are stupid. Very very stupid.

Testfire1418d ago

The first sensible post. A store is not obligated to carry any particular item for sale. Going to is a complete waste of time as well as a misinformed and misguided action. If they wanted to do something, boycott Target or KMart. The change has to come from corporations not bowing to the will of liberals.

Th4Freak1418d ago

I disagree, this is political and an attack to the freedom. Remember that GTA 5 was being sold in the store until this group of people pushed their agenda.

Now, you could say that this isn't political but don't look at it as if all this is just about a video game because its not, this is about pushing a totalitarian posture to the society.

If this happened with Target and GTA V it could happen with anything else tomorrow, think about it, look at the big picture of the issue and you will see that this represents a big problem to the society and its freedom.

stuna11418d ago

I agree with you, but at the same time I'd like to point out it definitely is more too it than certain store decision not to carry a certain product! Especially if said stores have carried said product beforehand. Look at it from a different perspective for example; the banning of tobacco products at the majority of public establishment, parks and restaurant's. Companies refusal to hire people who smoke use tobacco products, even when they do so only at home. The requirements of certain employers requiring access to employee's or, potential employee's social meia accounts How about companies changing out there vending machines to replace the content with foods that they think are healthier for their employee's or removing fried foods from their cafeteria menu's. I could go on and on! But the point I'm trying to make is these ideas started of small too.First one business decided to change things , next thing you know everyone is following suit.

So when something like this does catch on, in essence your freedom of choice is being taken away! Because then your options become limited.

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dmeador1418d ago

They do have that right, but stores also have a right to not sale certain things in their store. This doesn't have anything to do with free speech

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1418d ago

Stores have a right to choose what they sell and people have the right to ask people to boycott the Bible.

Seems like free speech to me...

dmeador1416d ago


I regards to asking people not to do something, yes. I was referring to a store not having to sale a certain item in their store. I dont think that falls under freedom of speech.

dasbeer881418d ago

Sorry man, our freedom of speech went down the drain after the attacks of 9/11.

Go complain to those morons who made bomb jokes at their national airports.

Dan501418d ago

Australia has no documents or anything that allows the freedom of speech, government censors and controls all art forms.

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IIFloodyII1418d ago

This isn't going to end well is it?
I'm out, GTA5 shouldn't have been pulled, but this isn't going to change the fact it did.