Persona 4 Golden To Enter The PlayStation Vita The Best Line On February 2015

Atlus confirmed earlier today that Persona 4 Golden is going to enter the PlayStation Vita The Best line in Japan during February 2015

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no_more_heroes1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Watching an LP of this game atm, and that thumbnail is a bit of a spoiler for me. Rise's Persona doesn't look like that yet, they just celebrated New Year's.

Awesome-looking game though. I'm definitely getting Persona 5 on PS4 next year.

TheGamez1001443d ago

You should get the game instead, if no vita then get it as a ps2 classic on ps3. One of the greatest jrpgs ever made imo.

no_more_heroes1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

I understand that P4G has a few extra scenes in it, so I think I'd prefer to play that one. I don't even know what Kanji and Teddie look like in battle, since the LPer I'm watching deliberately avoids using either of them. Maybe I can borrow the Vita and the game from my friend.

Can I also comment on just how awesome the soundtrack is as well? Especially the first two boss battle tracks (the Shadow boss battle theme and the one that plays for Namatame and 'The real killer's first form).

Protagonist1443d ago

Not only does Persona 4: The Golden got extra scenes, it also got extra dungeons.

It truly is the ultimate edition of the game.

PoSTedUP1444d ago

best franchise ever. anyone know how to extract memory from a broken SD card? i got so far in this game and my vita ate my SD card, really discourage to go back and start from the beginning (restarted P3:P -3 times because of loss of memory, sadly i dont see me trying a 4 time for a while)

Rockets121443d ago

Not sure I understood what you were asking, but you could backup your save files using content manager and then upload it again to another SD card

PoSTedUP1443d ago

thanks, i did but didnt pay for Plus for 6months and i think you loose your saves after that peroid. i was asking if i can fix or extract my saves from a corrupt* SD card.

Ripsta7th1443d ago

Shouldve backed up on the cloud
IF you had PS +

HentaiMasterRace1443d ago

Anyone else want a Persona 3: Golden type Edition for Vita. I would soil my pants if they did something like that after the last P3 movie comes out.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1443d ago

I wouldn't mind. We already got P3Fes but I'd play it again.