Boom Ball Review - Mouse n Joypad

Johnny writes - "Thanks to the power of the new Kinect, Boom Ball responds perfectly to every push and swipe of your arms, and had me addicted in less than 5 levels. The only thing I would have loved to see in this title would have been some kind of local or online co-op or face off competition but as it stands it is still a solid game. Boom Ball is a testament to how simplicity is the way to go at times, don’t over complicate something that does not need it. The Virtual Air Guitar Company have added in many bells and whistles to make this a completely rewarding game and it was honestly quite refreshing to just dive into a game that did not have a big story element or large class based system that takes a degree from MIT to understand. Anyone can just walk in front of the Kinect and hit a ball from the youngest to the oldest, and that is why Boom Ball just works."

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