Xur: Agent of Nine Location and Items for Week 13 (December 5)

GotGame writes: "It’s Friday everyone! Which in terms of Destiny, means that Xur is now available at the Tower and it’s ready to offer you some nice new items in exchange for your resources."

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Bloodjunkie1387d ago

Again Plan C? Is this random or does someone select the items which Xur sells?

FamilyGuy1387d ago

It's random.

Just bought 8 of those shards, hopefully I can collect more Strange Coins before he's gone.

tracyllrkn1387d ago

No, it isn't random. DeeJ said on a stream that Bungie chooses what he sells.

Mightyb0tt1387d ago

I want & need icebreaker! CMON!

ABizzel11386d ago

It's amazing, but you can find one in the weekly nightfall / VoG raid. It's just extremely rare.

Perjoss1386d ago

The time you waste posting here you could be praying to RNGesus

Steptoe1386d ago

Plan c again? God! Bungie are boring.

kneon1386d ago

So I can't use Motes to buy an engram anymore? That officially makes Motes of Light the most useless currency in the game, and of course I get 30-40 a week without even trying.

AKS1386d ago

They're going to be used for the Trials of Osiris, but I was much more interested in getting my hands on Heart of the Praxic Fire than acquiring another scout rifle in the meantime.

kneon1386d ago

As I don't play the crucible and don't plan on buying the DLC any time soon Motes are now useless to me.

jeremyj29131385d ago

I've been waiting for Heart of Praxix Fire for WEEKS!

AKS1385d ago


I hear you. I'm not sure I even have the room to STORE another scout rifle currently. Heart of the Praxic Fire would be much more useful to me right now.

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