Eight PlayStation 4 Exclusive Announcements That Might Happen At PlayStation Experience Event

The hype and excitement of PlayStation fans surrounding PlayStation Experience event is "Massive and Uncontrollable". The event is scheduled to take place on December 6-7 and there will be numerous panels with developers, contests, giveaways and more importantly some "Surprising Game Announcements" that will make "Lot of Noise and People Rage

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radler1468d ago

Hopefully the aforementioned rage isn't a result of crushing disappointment at whatever announcements are actually made.

The gaming media just loves to whip people up into a frenzied hype for these sort of events, and rarely do they deliver. I'll be keeping my expectations in check.

Mr_cheese1468d ago

To be honest, I'm trying to go into this playstation experience with a blank mind as I really don't know what to expect outside of the usual suspects uc4, the order, bloodborne. I am dam excited though and do not believe ill be disappointed after watching.

breakpad1468d ago

while i dont believe into super-near impossible surprises (aka Crash exclusive , Last Guardian) ..we know for sure that one exclusive , third person, with excellent graphics and made by a third party will be revealed ..also having in mind that it will cause rage probably it is a sequel from an existing IP

jb2271468d ago

I hadn't heard about a 3rd person 3rd party game..was this rumored or confirmed? I hope it's more of an Action Adventure type than an RPG…I dig story driven, linear type games. Open worlds rarely compel me enough w/ the story even if the world is great & RPGs in general overload me. I personally would love more franchises in the vein of Uncharted. I wish someone would release a game like that w/ even less emphasis on gunplay & more emphasis on world hopping & treasure hunting, exploration type gameplay.

Kurisu1468d ago

I'm cautiously optimistic about PlayStation Experience. It's almost here :)

HeMan761468d ago

I want Syphon Filter and Shadow of Colossus.If those two games get announced I go outside by running to buy a PS4 again.

CaEsAr-1468d ago

Might happen*
Sorry couldn't resist.

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The story is too old to be commented.