Dragon Age: Inquisition's Prologue Was Re-Written Seven Times

"We basically needed that guy that shuts down the Ghostbusters containment unit," creative director Mike Laidlaw said.

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ScubbaSteve1467d ago

Wouldn't doubt it, wish they put as much attention in some of the character interactions tho. I didn't particularly care for many of the companions, some of them were just written horribly.

Myst-Vearn1467d ago

Good game but I wish Bioware give us more main story missions/quests in their games and less side quests. I played Inquisition for almost 90 hours, and of those 60-70 were side quests. That is just not enough main story

Eamon1467d ago

Currently playing through it and reached 50-60 hours and I have to agree.

Most of it is side quests which are definitely enjoyable. It's just I wish the main story was just as long. I remember how amazing Dragon Age: Origins was and how I spent 50 hours on the main story itself.

joab7771467d ago

Yeah, I wonder how the story quests compare to earlier games. With the main quests, companion quests etc. Is it similar to the 1st 2 w/ added time due to open world.

I can't complain, and won't b/c most rpgs don't have near the story telling that any Bioware game does. Skyrim sure didnt.

It's tough to make a ton of story missions, so I'm glad we got what we got, bit yeah, I wish it never!

Let's see how The Witcher 3 does with story and an open world.

Tex1171467d ago

Oh, the main story is pretty long for the modern game nowadays. Though I persoally would want a long main story, I think Bioware tried to split the baby in terms of if you wanted to play and beat the game with an average tim investment...go for it...but if you want to enjoy everything the world has to offer, go for it. Some of those side quests are pretty meaty, so it all works.

Im just pleased Bioware has returned to form. GOTY for me easily.