"Game Chronicles Review of Guitar Hero Aerosmith"

Game Chronicles Review of Guitar Hero Aerosmith:
"In case you didn't pick up on the sub-title for this game, the target audience is Aerosmith fans, so if you don't care for their music then you should probably move along…nothing to see here. The short list of non-Aerosmith music is good stuff, but not enough to pry $60 out of your pocket."
"Sadly, the overall value of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is a bit lacking. You essentially have an expansion pack priced as a full release or what works out to be about $1.50 per song, or .75 cents a song if you want to consider the fact that each song can be played as lead as well as bass/rhythm. The multiplayer modes are as fun and appealing as they are in Legends of Rock, so that will give the game a bit of added shelf life."

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