Xbox Live experiencing service problems on Xbox 360

Microsoft is working on fixing a problem many Xbox Live users on Xbox 360 console are currently experiencing where error messages pop up when launching or downloading certain applications

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Torque_CS_Lewith1469d ago

Apps (some) not working at optimum ... Nothing newsworthy though.

Ra30301469d ago

With the great sells the X1 is having this holiday season expect more and more of this to happen on the XB360. Microsoft will do this often to frustrate its 360 users in hopes of them buying a Xbox One. Many of you will disagree with that but if had a original Xbox and didn't buy the Xbox 360 when it released you have seen this before and you will remember this kinda treatment. No games, no support and XBlive down all the time. This is just what they do.

GearsOfWar1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Microsoft kept XBL servers up for the original Xbox until 2010, 5 years after the launch of 360. They supported an install base of 24m on their network for 5 years before the massive increase in XBL subscribers that 360 brought. This was all before the online multiplayer boom that PS3 and 360 introduced as standard.

With more than 3 times the install base of the original Xbox and the amount of XBL subscribers that exist today on 360, artificially causing problems for those users wouldn't be wise, nor would it persuade customers to upgrade to a console that runs on the same network.

Microsoft makes a fair bit from the subscription model on both consoles. You can be the most delusional fanboy and still understand that Microsoft likes money.

1469d ago
MCTJim1469d ago

Once again I think people actually sit on the xbox live status page waiting to pounce and call it news.

LordMaim1469d ago

I think there's overzealous fans of both platforms who love to comment on issues of their favored brand's competitors.

1469d ago