Sony registers ‘Drawn to Death’ domain

Is this one of Sony's PlayStation Experience announcements?

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JMaine5181469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Could this be David Jaffe's new game?

sinncross1469d ago

I guess that would explain why the teaser had someone (Jaffe?) drawing.

vishmarx1469d ago

fyi he did say it has absolutely nothing to o with ghosts, horror or supernatural

Yaay4me1469d ago

it sure does sound like something he would make.

Relientk771469d ago

If it literally has drawing in it, you could use the touchpad to draw.

KwietStorm1469d ago

That would be more of a task than fun.

JimmyDM901469d ago

How cool would a fighting game be where each player draws a creature and then they fight each other to the death.

... Of course there would be a lot of weiner fights...

Kevlar0091469d ago

Cthulhu vs Cthulhu all the time

killacal131469d ago

What is so cool about the chtulhu?

CocoWolfie1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

god of war: drawn to death? ;3 going off the lbp3 teaser video, they made a god of war scene, could be a coincidence... but we'll see :3

-Foxtrot1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

All the shadows in the city
Used to love ya, what a pity
I miss the questions you used to ask me

Drawn to death cut mad and lonley
Drawn to death cut mad and lonley
Drawn to death cut mad and lonley alright

(Continues to hum)


Game0N1469d ago


-Foxtrot1469d ago

There still in the process of doing the film to finish it off....hopefully :)

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The story is too old to be commented.