Irritated Gamers Flood Target Australia’s Facebook Page After Grand Theft Auto V Ban

GG3 writes: "So, the news hit that retail franchise Target would remove Grand Theft Auto V from its Australian branch.

It’s not going down well with certain people.

One hour; over a dozen comments posted, chastising Target Australia for the decision."

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001467d ago

I can't adults choose what they want to buy.

PeaSFor1467d ago

meanwhile Target will sell 50 Shades of Grey to the same peoples who whinned about GTAV being violent against womens...

pasta_spice1467d ago

Exactly!! 50 Shades of Grey is advertised as "porn for women" and became a best seller, yet it portrayed a horribly emotionally abusive relationship as "romantic". The romantic interest was a man who stalked, intimidated, and isolated the female lead from her friends. He also forced her to sign a contract that allowed him to dictate what foods she ate, when he had sex with her, didn't let her use safe words during BDSM sex, and made sure he was the first man to take her virginity because he didn't want another man to have sex with her before he did. How the hell is that romantic?!

At least GTA acknowledges that killing prostitutes is illegal and wrong. 50 Shades of Grey portrays a controlling and abusive relationship as "romantic" and "sexy".

calis1467d ago

A woman wrote it. The rules are different (read hypocritical) when that's the case.

xHeavYx1467d ago

Good, I hope more people do the same stuff, especially getting a refund for the game and buying it somewhere else.

GokuSolosAll1467d ago

Lol, your country dictates what you can do and all you can do is cry on Facebook (until they restrict that) all because its a gunless country. Good luck restricting ourfreedom of speech; bang.

Ripsta7th1467d ago

Same as every other country with a government?!?