Steam Hit With DDoS Attacks, Lizard Squad Possibly Guilty

Just days after Xbox Live went down and Lizard Squad claimed responsibility, the same exact scenario is playing out with Steam.

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thebronzeknee1104d ago

Lizard Squad... What hogwash. Probably some pimply faced loser with a tutorial and spare time.

TXIDarkAvenger1104d ago

Yeah because its that easy /s

kingdomtriggers1104d ago

Well if you a pimply faced loser virgin then yes it probably is quite easy with how much time you would have on your hands…

Mega241104d ago

in cmd, just need this command to run on a couple of machine to affect the packets recieved - /ping -t -l (amount to be sent)

That easy, if you have enough machines to affect the network that is.

Metallox1104d ago

Well, only Nintendo Network is left :p

hkgamer1104d ago

dont think anyone would bother with nintendo. probably only takes 100 people to go online at the same time :P

paul-p19881104d ago

It shows just how much of a pointless network that Nintendo have that even Lizard Squad won't attack you...

gazn11103d ago

They actually support nintendo

Mega241104d ago

Because they think they are sticking it to corporation, when in reality they are messing with the gamers who just want to play. By the twitter comments, rage is starting to consume some of them.

DLConspiracy1104d ago

Nope, heard an interview with one of them. They do it for lulz and for money. They said they are a ddos for hire too. So money is also involved sometimes.

Dasteru1104d ago

Retards looking for attention.

Vegamyster1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

I was only offline for about 10 minute, at least the entire thing didn't crash.

starchild1104d ago

Yeah, Steam is working just fine for me.

Volkama1104d ago

Steam's login servers are quite inconsistent anyway so this is probably nothing.

Besides, I think Steam's concurrent user numbers in peak time is practically a DDOS attack in itself :)

hiredhelp1104d ago

And yet this is moderate can peak over 8 million

SPAM-FRITTER-1231104d ago

Same, mine was down last night for a few mins while playing OverPoch. I very much doubt it was these Lizard folk, they seem to claim every minute of down time on any platform their doings.

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The story is too old to be commented.