PlayStation Experience Expectations: Titanfall Dev Project, ‘Gran Turismo 7’ And ‘No Man’s Sky’

A lot has been brewing over at Sony's side of the arena, and all of these are for the upcoming PlayStation Experience event. As the event nears, there are now more new titles beng revealed, one of which is from the Respawn Entertainment, developer of "Titanfall."

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radler1474d ago

I wouldn't expect any Gran Turismo announcements for another couple of years, to be honest.

thanhgee1474d ago

Based on what?? It's already in development for quite a while now.

radler1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

GT5. Also the fact GT6 released a year ago.

thanhgee1474d ago

You do realise the developers of GT have already said it is planned for a 2015/16 release? It's highly likely that we'll see a demo sometime during the next E3/Gamescom.

lemoncake1474d ago

Will be interesting to see what online elements gt7 will have and if so hopefully we get some good beta and maybe even alpha play... testing time :)

Respawn must have gone on a major recruitment drive if they are going to announce something outside of titanfall 2 as I remember them saying how small their team was.

Hopefully we get to know a bit more about the gameplay side of no man sky, technically we know it's looking good already.

Darkfist1474d ago

i just want them to show R&C redux

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