The Order: 1886 Teases Mystery Box, Details Coming After PlayStation Experience

Fans of The Order: 1886 are expecting a reveal tonight at The Games Awards and a new gameplay demo at PlayStation Experience this weekend, but developer Ready at Dawn is already thinking about the future and teasing a mysterious box.

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Relientk771471d ago

I'm guessing a ring, that each member of The Order wears

Abriael1471d ago

That's my same guess, or maybe a black water ampule.

mikeslemonade1471d ago

Hopefully the show just isn't about mainly The Order. We know it's a graphical and technical spectacle, but please give us something from left-field that will knock the socks off.

medman1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

I drank some black water last night. Sufficeth to say, my toilet is on strike. It's demanding better workplace conditions.

MasterCornholio1471d ago

You can choose the boat or the mystery box.


I wonder what's in that box?

BABY-JEDI1471d ago

A chain pendant of the Knights insignia