The Verge Declares The Playstation Vita The Best Handheld Gaming System

Video games are welcome at the table of popular art, alongside movies, music, and television. Home consoles get a lot of attention, but portable gaming has done the heavy lifting when it comes to expanding the reach and acceptance of the medium.

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Neonridr1419d ago

What defines best? Clearly not sales or the quality of its gaming library.

NewMonday1418d ago

Vita library has tons of great games now

theshonen88991418d ago

As a day 1 adopter of the Japanese Vita, I love it very, very dearly. That being said, it's not better than a 3ds.

Mr Pumblechook1418d ago

I don't think sister-site would ever do that. Thank God for the more balanced approach of Nilay Patel.

PoSTedUP1418d ago

yeah it does. plus playing infamous2 in the hot tub, or at starbucks inbetween studying: or any game from the ever growing psNow library is something i once dreamed of as a kid. beware of racing games and games that do not allow button mapping, they suck as of now, tho.

ports are a part of handheld gaming, i love them. minecraft on the go? welcome to heaven. borderlands2 at lunch break... gaming*.

i can go on, but i have some gaming to do. salute.

Hoffmann1418d ago

Oh right ...vita haz no gaems eh?

JMyers1418d ago

The Vita game library is extensive, with some of the best games. If you had one you would know this.

I have over 100 games on Vita.

PoSTedUP1418d ago

i have 50.. and thats including F2P, psp, ps1, minis, indies, digital and physical... lol. but including all that ive bought physical and sold, and what ive gotten with ps+, its well over 100.

mcstorm1418d ago

It depends on what games you are into to what console fits bets. I had a PSV on day one and was excited to play MNR and UC but I felt let down by them both. MNR lack of online MP really killed the game for me is SP can only go so far in a karting game.

UCGA looks amazing but felt like it held my hand too much compared to the PS3 versions.

I also got resistance and LBP and again they did not really do it for me they felt way too short and finding someone online was hard work too. I found this problem with PSASBR too and the game for me lacked modes too.

I just haven't felt any love for the games on the PSV and I have not missed it since selling it this time last year.

Don't get me wrong the hardware is amazing but for me it really lacked games that got me excited like the other consoles on the market have done.

I feel like Sony dropped support for the PSV very early and I do hope they pick it up again and make some games that want to make me g out and get another PSV but so far nothing has done that.

But like I said its personal preference.

I am glad there are people out there who enjoy the PSV though as I want all the consoles on the market to have their place and sell well as its a better place for us gamers.

PoSTedUP1418d ago

mc storm im the complete opposite. gravity rush was the first game to get me hooked. uncharted was nothing extraordinary, but it was uncharted and looked sexy and it was portable. hotsshots golf WI was next up to putt, loved it since the first one etc. MLB the show played super well. resistance was mediocre but i never played a FPS on a handheld that looked that good before, i didnt have problems playing online so my mind was blown when i was playing a onlineFPS on a handheld. NFS was a great port for me, and the exclusive assasins creed was good. didnt get into modnation racers, mario kartfan. mortal kombat played 60fps and was epic online. then there was P4:G... and atelier totori. virtual tennis 4 was probably the best port, it lookd so good. now there are a crap load of titles. deff worth a rebuy if you were one of the many that were dissapointed with the games selection imo.

Neonridr1418d ago

Add me - Neonridr

I have both a Vita and a 3DS. And I will let you know which one I play more. When I play my Vita, it is for remote playing with my PS4.

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Angeljuice1418d ago

Watch the video before commenting and you won't ask such stupid questions (the answer is given).

Nabbic1418d ago

But the Vita has an extremely strong library with more new, first party experiences than its rivals and has some amazing online social and gaming capabilities.
As someone who's owned every handled the Vita is arguably my favourite.

Magicite1418d ago

So if sales is everything, then gamecube and wiiU are the crappiest systems?

lategamer1418d ago

Vita has tons of great games.

I've been playing tons of Don't Starve and Killzone Mercenary recently. Both great.

Remote Play is awesome.

Haven't had a chance to use Playstation Now, but that adds tons of titles.

Now, I'm not seeing 3DS isn't great. I've played the shit out of titles like FE: A & MK7. And recently I've put 15+ hours in Smash Bros. A portable Smash Bros, so great.

But I just wanted to point of Vita is a great handheld, and has excellent games.

Also, Crossbuy is awesome. Resogun will be free on Vita if you have the PS4 version.

Neonridr1418d ago

I have a Vita as well. I never said I didn't enjoy it at all. People just jumped all over my comment because it painted Sony in a bad light.

I use my Vita for Remote Play all the time. But that's the problem. I barely touch the free PS+ games for it and I have only purchased one game since getting it last December...

My 3DS gets play all the time because when I turn it on it is to play a 3DS / DS game.

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SpiralTear1418d ago

Hardware-wise I can see their point, but its game library is absolutely nothing compared to the 3DS.

Bennibop1418d ago

It depends what you are into, I prefer Vita due to the amount of RPG's. Gravity Rush is also a good reason to own a Vita.

OB1Biker1418d ago

Exactly 3DS could have zillions of Mario and other games .. theres no point if they are not your type of games and you dont feel comfortable with the handheld.
IMO they are different and have different games, they can be for different users and both have their qualities

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1418d ago

Really okay count how many times you see Mario in my 3DS collection.
Fire Emblem Awakening
Kid Icarus Uprising
Bravely Default
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Shin Megami Tensei IV
Super Mario 3D Land
Kirby Triple Deluxe
Super Smash Bros. 3DS
Tales of the Abyss
Pokemon Y
Etrian Odyssey IV Legend of the Titan
Mario & Luigi Dream Team
Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars
Senran Kagura Burst
Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
Resident Evil Revelations
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Mario Kart 7
Yoshi's New Island
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
Star Fox 64 3D
Super Street Fighter IV 3D

PoSTedUP1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

3ds has the bigger library, and maybe even better as an opinion. but like... killzone, and minecraft... nfsMW. great ports, great graphics, great exclusives, dual analog sticks. oled screen, online gaming, wifi, web browser and youtube for walk throughs, watch twitch streaming, playing PS4 games anywhere there is wifi, play ps3 games anywhere there is wifi (good connection). psn games, boat load of indies, many ps1 classics, etc. i personally couldnt live without my vita. LBPvita is just... ugh, love it dearly. best lbp out right now.

PoSTedUP1418d ago

gah sorry i must go on: music, movies, crackel, sports subscriptions, tons of apps, touch screen, rear touch pad, augumented reality with camera front and back, skype video chat, motion controls, and its durable as a brick. k done.

paul-p19881418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

The Vita library is incredible! I play mine everyday, and it arguably has the best selection of games from any console or handheld so far (I have about 90 games on it, the next nearest for me was PS2 where I had about 50!)

I suppose if you would rather be playing children's games all day the 3DS is much better, whatever floats-your-boat...

Neonridr1418d ago

your opinion of course..

DarkLord10031418d ago

From a technical perspective? Yeah I can see that. The Vita is an awesome handheld. But when it comes to the games the 3DS in combination with the DS has the best library

Regis1418d ago

Can you play previous ds games like I do on dsi? No you can't. Nintendo pulled a sony and microsoft on backwards compatibility with the 3ds there is no way to play regular ds games with the newest 3ds and I'm not talking about the 2ds.

Neonridr1418d ago

my 3DS XL plays my DS games.. so I am not sure what you are on about. Are you talking about the "New" 3DS that hasn't even been released in NA yet?

remixx1161418d ago

I feel whiplash comin on.

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