How to Tell if You Should Buy The Crew in 5 Questions

First and foremost, if you’re not really into racing games, then this is not the kind of purchase to make right now.

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USMC_POLICE1469d ago

This article is complete crap and not written by someone who is into racing.

Iamnemesis48801469d ago

Looks to me it was done for a laugh

Revolt131469d ago

Or, if you're on Xbox One, you could just get Forza Horizon 2...

Iamnemesis48801469d ago

Much better than the crew. even drive club on ps4 is better than the crew

u4one1469d ago

agreed. i love fh2. not the biggest drive club fan, but its definitely way better than the crew. at least drive club has redeeming qualities and is pretty to look at.

NJShadow1469d ago

The controls (at least in the beta) made you feel like you were driving on ice the whole time. Plus, it has this "cheap" feel to it. It doesn't shine in any one particular area, aside from size and scale, and you can't pick out any one thing that's really remarkable about it.

BranWheatKillah1469d ago

I have zero interest in open world racing games. I miss the days of carefully crafted tracks filled with challenge and excitement.

Now it's all boring, generic, destination-less driving.

u4one1469d ago

like forza and gran turismo?

Volkama1468d ago

DriveClub has carefully crafted tracks.

Forza and Project Cars have the real world tracks.

Forza Horizon 2 has the open world covered nicely (and is fantastic imo, you should at least try it if you haven't).

What kind of racing game do you like, and what was the destination?

memots1469d ago

Well i hope its sales hurt a bit because of Assassin's creed , Watchdog. People are going to smarten up Ubisoft. Stop selling broken games.

I will wait till its 15$ on steam and give it a shot. By that time the game will be fixed.