Fact or Fiction: Is Paper Mario coming to the Wii U?

With a few Paper Mario for Wii U-related things flying around the internet lately, Shawn Long of Nintendo Enthusiast separates the fact from the fiction of Paper Mario on the Wii U.

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ape0071293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )


paper mario 64 and thousand year door were some of my fav games ever

Concertoine1293d ago

They should go back to that style of gameplay too.

Paper mario would look great in 1080p on wii u.

LOL_WUT1293d ago

Paper Mario 64 was awesome I enjoyed it immensely. Encountering the Koopa Bros was always fun! ;)

shaw981292d ago

I would rather have it be 60fps then 1080p. But if they can do both the better!!! (Insert console peasant comment from pc fanboy). I want paper mario to be as smooth as paper. In the gameplay department as well. Paper Mario has the sonic syndrome.

Concertoine1292d ago


If smash bros can do it there's zero reason paper mario couldn't be 1080p/60fps

DryBoneKoopa851293d ago

Sign me up! I would love a new Paper Mario game. I would love even more a sequel to Super Mario Legend Of The Seven Stars (IMO).

Kevlar0091293d ago

Nintendo and SE need to collaborate again. Bring back the Mario LotSS RPG gameplay, bring back Geno, and use an HD style of the claymation-esque visuals. Put it on WiiU.

After Bravely Default/Second it only seems right they would continue to work together. Nintendo was the original home to SE's parent companies, it's fate they should return.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

God I hope so. Hopefully like the first 2.

Moonman1293d ago

Day 1... just tell me when and where to be. :)

EliteGameKnight1293d ago

I would love that! just no pointless sticker mechanic and give us a proper RPG story, like 1000 year door. That game was great

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