12 Games That Deserve to Win a Game Award

Odds are that most of the games on this list won’t actually be the winners in their respective categories.

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Hellsvacancy1471d ago

It sucks The Child Of Light isn't nominated for something, it's fantastic game

lemoncake1471d ago

Yeah it was such a great unexpected game, it should have at least got a nomination.

jasminlenovo1471d ago

absolutely Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will win

PCGamingNoobs1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

it wont

Did you look at the nominees?

PCGamingNoobs1471d ago

you obviously haven't looked at the nominees.... read the articles and do a bit of research first

Matt6661469d ago

COD should not win at all its the same s**t different year

CaspuR1471d ago

dragon age or smash bros should be goty, either one wins, its fine by me.

BrandanT1470d ago

I don't think the games that were remastered in a year should be on this list.

DougLord1470d ago

GOTY - Dragon Age. Mordor as #2.
RPG - Dragon Age. Mordor as #2.
Best Remake - Halo MCC. GTA as #2. TLOU is #3. All VERY, VERY good, but Halo is 4 games!
Action - Mordor. No idea what is #2.
Racing - FH2. Mario Cart #2.
Narrative - Iron Throne.
Shooter - FarCry 4. Wolf as #2.
Fighter - SSBM. KI as #2.
Handheld - SSBM with Pokémon as #2.