Rock Band Guitar Works With GH Aerosmith

GameFocus reports: "If you're planning to buy the Guitar Hero Aerosmith Special Edition Bundle because your Rock Band guitar won't work, think again..."

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BigBaehr3491d ago

If this is true, than perhaps Rock Band accessories with be compatible with GH:WT

americanGTA3491d ago

Can Haromex do something to change this? or let the guitar hero III guitars work with Rockband? THat would seem fair

ThatArtGuy3491d ago

I thought Activision was the hold-out.

multipayer3491d ago

Is this not PS3 relevant? I accuse thou a Witch!

Snukadaman3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Rockband for ps3 still does not work with guitar hero 3..unless there was some patch but im sure it would of been on these pages....and the story only knows that the xbox version confirmation for the all for telling the story but lets get the facts straight at least.

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