IGN: PC Game of the Month: June 2008

IGN PC Game of the Month: Grid

It seems there are racing games that cater to every taste these days, from the arcade thrills of Burnout to the eye-glazing simulated details of games like GTR, and from the off-road antics of DiRT to the street-savvy shenanigans of Need for Speed. But somewhere in there, Codemasters was able to find a niche that no one was filling by delivering a road racer that successfully straddles the worlds of arcade and simulation.

Most games that feature a full career system have players earning their way into greater and greater rewards but Grid gives you the good stuff right away. Once you start your career you'll be able to travel all over the world and race in some remarkably fast cars. The range of race types here is sure to please almost everyone and offer enough variety to keep the spotty spotting system, relative lack of cars, and monotonous dialogue from getting on your nerves.

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