GameStop is selling PS4 Black Friday bundle with PS Camera for $399

GameStop has an amazing PS4 deal right now, selling the GTA 5 + The Last of Us bundle and a PS Camera for just $399

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Abash1442d ago

Great deal to act on ahead of the PlayStation Experience event

Blackleg-sanji1442d ago

Just got this bundle i couldn't resist now i got one ps4 for my two rooms

KevWriter1442d ago

LOL. I would have snatched up this deal too, if I hadn't already bought the Destiny Bundle as my 2nd PS4.

Blackleg-sanji1442d ago

Lol the destiny bundle was my 1st

Legion211442d ago

Just a question. What do you do with two of the same console? Is one just in case someone comes over or a family member?

ABizzel11442d ago

I never understood that either, unless there are multiple gamers in the same household then it's somewhat acceptable. But even when that's the case I never understand those families who buy all of the same console for everyone. It rubs me raw seeing that diversity is the key to life and happiness XD

Blackleg-sanji1441d ago

Simple my fiance is a game hog so she gets her own.

TheLeapist1442d ago

This is kinda a dick move on gamestop's part considering how many people would have just purchased this without the camera over the weekend. Great deal otherwise though!

CerealKiller1442d ago

This is officially the last year I will buy anything on black friday!

ABizzel11442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

I agree with you, this BF was horrible, although I did get a brand new 49" VIzio M-Series for $350 so I'm not complaining about that, but game wise it was terrible.

But then I realized I have all 3 consoles, but there's not a lot of games I want to play, and since I'm a member of Gamer's Club Unlocked with Best Buy, I don't have to wait until BF for games to drop, because all my new games are $48 Day 1, and most come with a $10 reward coupon as well. So ultimately I have everything I want.

Now it's time to get that GTX 970, and Christmas was good to me this year.

Buy this PS4 bundle first, then take back the one you bought on BF if you can. No point in missing out on a free camera, especially if you plan on getting Morpheus later, and since they added more functionality to the camera it's worth it.

Yaay4me1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Thats even better than the bundle for black friday. By a whole camera better

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