Maisie Williams: The Perfect Choice for Ellie in The Last Of Us Movie

Hardcore Gamer breaks down why nobody could do Ellie more justice than Arya Stark herself.

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ValKilmer1473d ago

If only Ellen Page were ten years younger...

BitbyDeath1473d ago

Don't know if you remember but Ellie used to look like Ellen Page and then they changed the design.

Now she looks more like Maisie.

-Foxtrot1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

She's a great actress

She's looks younger then she is

She has the bad girl vibe from playing Arya

She looks a little similar

I'm just glad it's her and not Chloë Grace Moretz...we'd end up getting Hit Girl 2 instead of Ellie. As I was saying in another article

Hugh Jackman would be next for Joel

Josh Holloway for Tommy

Bruce Campbell for Bill

Carrie Ann Moss for Tess

Sonequa Martin-Green or Lyndie Greenwood for Marlene

Sean Penn for David

Harold Perrineau for Henry

Not sure about Sam

LOGICWINS1473d ago

I'll only see the movie in theaters if Joel is played by either Hugh Jackman or Brad Pitt. Anyone else and I'm seeing it when it pops up on Netflix.

-Foxtrot1473d ago

Nothing wrong with Josh Brolin for the role

cell9891473d ago

thats what they said about Ledger when he was gonna play the Joker....

we4201473d ago

And what's your reasoning for that? So essentially your only seeing the movie for two actors, seems logical /s

CourierSix1473d ago

Couldn't have said it better. And thank god it's not Moretz, she just doesn't suit the role. Arya and Ellie are similar so it only makes sense if Maisie plays Ellie...

JimmyDM901473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Perrineau is too old(50). Unless they switched henry to Sam's father instead of brother.

W. Earl Brown who played Bill in the game would be my first choice for the movie. He was great on Deadwood.

John Hawkes would also be perfect for David.

-Foxtrot1473d ago

He dosen't look that old though, you probably wouldn't even realise would you.

I've seen brothers and sisters with a massive age gaps. You could say he's 35 and Sam is still 14/15.

LOGICWINS1473d ago

50?! Whaat?! I remember seeing him on the premiere of Z Nation. No way does he look 50!

Bathyj1473d ago

Not a bad list but Bruce Cambell for Bill?

I like a big chin as much as the next guy but the only person who should play Bill is W Earl Brown, the guy who played him in the game.

Hes such a great actor, has the same build and age. Anyone else would be a travesty. He breathed life into that charactor like he always does.

Watch some Deadwood or his episode on Justified if anyone doesnt know who he is.

-Foxtrot1473d ago

I only say it since Sam Raimi said in that panal that Bruce could be involved in the film somehow

I'd rather see him play an existing character...not a made up one.

viperman2401473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Hugh Jackman has the looks to play Joel, but I don't think he has the acting ability to portray what Troy Baker did in the game.

Unless their only going to have a silent and angry Joel, then sure Hugh is the right man for the role. But that dude can't do emotions correctly. He doesnt display the full spectrum of emotions, mostly anger and intimidation, the person playing Joel would need more than that.

My honest pick for the role would go to Josh Brolin or Gerard Butler.

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gangsta_red1473d ago

You can basically fit any young actress in their and say she's perfect for Ellie.

Ripsta7th1473d ago

This girl looks nothing like Elllie, unless they can get some cgi work on her eyes

rainslacker1473d ago

Does she really have to look like ellie to play the role?

1473d ago
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