Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMix Review - Actiontrip

"The collection includes HD remasters of Kingdom Hearts II, a PS2 game, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, a PSP game. It also includes all of the cinematics from Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, a game that was a mobile-only game and was later ported to the DS. More specifically, the HD remasters are of the Final Mix versions of KH2 and BBS that were previously only available in Japan. The Final Mix of KH 2 contains new pieces in the super secret movie ending (which still sucks to obtain), new secret optional bosses, and the Roxas/Riku fight is now an actual boss battle instead of a cut scene. The BBS Final Mix also replaced a cut scene with player-controlled action, and added numerous other small features such as extra Command Boards, D-Links, and mini-games."

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