A Troubled Launch May Not Spell Doom for an MMO

Everyone loves to believe that they're incredibly perceptive and always look beneath the surface to get the true essence of something. Yet numerous studies have shown that this isn't the case, which reinforces the importance of first impressions. In the world of mmo games, few things are as important as the game's launch. Many players and industry pundits will lavish praise on the game if the launch goes smoothly or declare that the game is destined to fail in a fiery crash if the launch goes bad. People are quick to write off a game if they hear, or experience, that the launch had issues. This is unfortunate as many games have rallied from such disasters. Let's take a second look at the fact that a troubled launch may not spell doom for an mmo.

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Neixus1474d ago

The fact that this expansion isn't about pandas makes up for the troubled launch LOL

Jokes aside, this is actually a great expansion, if not the best.