Itagaki says Devil’s Third’s visuals have improved since E3, “looking completely different now”

Tomonobu Itagaki and the team at Valhalla Game Studios have been working hard on Devil’s Third since the game was last shown at E3. Their effort has payed off, as Itagaki told one fan on his Facebook page that the visuals have been improved.
Itagaki mentioned that the textures, weapon and environment models, and lighting have seen an upgrade. Ultimately, “it’s looking completely different now.”

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eyeofcore1469d ago

I guess they modified UE3 to take advantage of Wii U's hardware...

dotwithshoes1469d ago

It would be wise to 'mod' an engine to take advantage of a particular system if it was a exclusive title.

BullyMangler1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

damn . Nintendo may not have many "Mature" exclusives, but when they do, those exclusives are the (((MOST))) Mature games ever created . .

CBFD - N64
Madworld - wii
Turok 1&2- N64
Bayonetta 2 - wiiU
Resident Evil Remake - Gamecube
etc etc.

.. . and now Devils 3rd for wiiU

Sony and Micro try harder . orrr

Nevers0ft1468d ago

@bullymangLer Well said. I never thought of it like that but you might be right, there might be a element of "If we're doing a mature title, it better be a damned MATURE title" mentality from Nintendo... No half measures :)

ShaunCameron1466d ago

@ bullymangLer

Despite it being a timed exclusive, I would add Resident Evil 4. Probably THE greatest M-rated game ever to grace a Nintendo console.

eyeofcore1469d ago

Game Awards are tomorrow... So maybe there...

wonderfulmonkeyman1469d ago

That would be neat, but is it likely?

N4g_null1469d ago

I know right lol. If this sucks I shall give him hell!

Plasticgearsolid1469d ago

did you see the drumming its gonna its GONNA... suck

ScorpiusX1469d ago

Looks like I have a reason to now own a Wii U, aside from the first party stuff.

Blink_441469d ago

I can't wait to play this games multiplayer.

Trolltroll1469d ago

Ive got a fealin ohh hoo that game is gonna be a good game.

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The story is too old to be commented.