Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round - First Official PC Details Unveiled Via Steam Store Page

The first official details for the PC version of Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round were revealed a couple of hours ago via the game’s official Steam store page.

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FromTheAshes1298d ago

Good time to be a PC gamer. Alot more companies supporting the platform despite the so-called PC "pirates" hindering sales that would've never been gotten otherwise.

A port of Sega's VF5 would also be a nice holiday gift for the Christmas stocking.

rodiabloalmeida1298d ago

I can only see two reasons for you to get a disagree with your post:


On topic, yes. It's a great time to be a PC gamer, but next year will be better. That's when the real next get (or new gen, whatever) games comes out. I don't know you, but I fear for the requeriments for some games to run, like Batman Arkham Knight or The Witcher 3. Also, the vram seems to be an issue with the new games due to consoles having 8GB of ram at disposal. Not a goog time to change GPU. Better wait next year for the new GPUs with 8GB.

FlyingFoxy1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

The vram thing is kinda false sorry. Don't forget that the vram of consoles is also being shared by the system, apparently 3gb is taken up for that leaving 5gb for games.

4gb vram cards won't have any issues with games for a while at 1080p or even 1440p. 8gb vram is for 4k and higher mainly which hardly anyone uses anyway because it performs so bad.

Even if at 1080p games start using more than 4gb vram it will likely be just for ultra settings vs high, and most of the time there's little difference between the 2 anyway.

rodiabloalmeida1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )


I know about the shared vram on consoles. That's not my point. My point is developers being lazy due to the fact that consoles are like "don't, worry. you have plenty of ram to use" when doing the console versions of the game, and that could mean lazy PC ports. Also, you don't know what will be the requirements of real new gen games 'cos , frankly, there isn't any on the market yet.

On top of that, nvidia's 8GB gpu announcement is imminent.

Also, in my specific case, I play with triple screen setup, so vram is indeed an issue for me at least.

FromTheAshes1297d ago

Even with these new so-called "to the metal" API's on PC, the minimum requirements seem to be getting higher as you said. Of course this is a good thing as PC's can get pushed further, but at the same time I can't help but wonder if GPU/CPU manufacturers have developers inflate numbers for sales.