Imagine Dragons to Perform at The Game Awards

Adding to the TGAs will be alternative rock band Imagine Dragons who have today been added to the line-up to play at the show.

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-Foxtrot1105d ago

Yay...more live music ¬¬

Why don't they just get an orchestra and do live video game music.

WillGuitarGuy1105d ago

I don't mind a lot of the performances, I actually enjoy a lot of them. Take Jose Gonzales playing Far Away for Red Dead Redemption as a good example. I see where you're coming from though. I would love to see the Video Game Orchestra perform something at the TGA's.

-Foxtrot1105d ago

"Take Jose Gonzales playing Far Away for Red Dead Redemption"

Yeah but that was video game music...from Red Dead

It fits with the award show

ValKilmer1105d ago

So much for this being a classy affair.

WeAreLegion1105d ago

It could have been worse, I guess. I'd prefer no live music.

Or...a live orchestra playing game music between presenters. Oh, that would be awesome!

Kingdomcome2471105d ago

Could that be foreshadowing the GOTY winner?

Kingdomcome2471105d ago

I was really just joking. Imagine Dragons performing equals Dragon Age Inquisition winning GOTY.

TekKing1105d ago

I wouldn't doubt it considering Inquisition is garbage and the only reason it got any recognition is because it had a bunch of "political correctness" stuffed into it to pander to minorities. Gametrailers is also full of liberals so when you put those two together you can easily see it getting their "GOTY award".

HannibalBarca1105d ago

Oops, it appears someone left your cage open....back you go now with the other degenerates.