Assassin’s Creed and Ancient Aliens

Derik Moore of Gaming Rebellion Writes: "Hello, and welcome back to another Gaming: For Official Use Only. I decided to finally cover a topic that a lot of people have asked me about – the ancient aliens theory. The hard part about this wasn’t the conspiracy itself, or even refraining from using the memes of the guy from the show, but finding a game that addresses the theory. It turns out I was just looking over the most obvious choice: Assassin’s Creed. As always, I’m throwing up SPOILER ALERT since most of what I’m going to detail will be spoilers if you haven’t finished the games."

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-Foxtrot1026d ago

Nothing wrong with the Ancient Alien theory, not like it's hurting anyone or they are shoving it down peoples throats like religion. I don't fully believe in anything but I'd rather believe in *some* of the theories they put forward then something like Jesus healed the sick, turned water into win and came back to life. I always find it fascinating that if you change "gods" to "other civilizations" in some of these old texts and stories they seem to make more sense.

I mean the show now seems like it's stretching out stories for more episodes but the first couple of the seasons were really entertaining and more serious.

uth111026d ago

I don't see a problem with the idea that aliens could have visited and either seeded life on Earth and/or mucked with it's development.

It's just hard to go about proving it.. science will always assume a simpler answer than 'aliens' because of Occam's Razor.

I agree the show has definately gotten worse. I'd say 90% or more of their 'evidence' is highly speculative and easily debunked. Occasionally they do bring up an interesting point though.

-Foxtrot1026d ago

The thing is though if you watch the show they never actually say "this is 100% evidence" they just go "this MIGHT be", "it's POSSIBLE", "this is what I think" or "I believe".

I mean sure they don't really have 100% pieces of evidence but they don't provide stuff they BELIEVE is evidence and state that. I've seen the odd theorist say something like "I think this is true" but they don't really try to say they are definitely in the right.

You have more religious nut cases out there forcing their beliefs on us and yet people act like this show does when it really doesn't. The thing is it's a theory and within that theory is a lot of different people who believe in different things. Many of them who speak on the show, the grounded ones even say "I don't fully believe in all this but I do think there is possibilities".

As for the debunking, I've seen the video that's online and the guy pretty much does exactly the same as them, say it's debunking when really it's just his word against theirs. The whole point of it is that you can't debunk something that they theorize on, it turns into an opinion on something against another opposite opinion. All they are doing is using things THEY find as evidence to support their opinion and try to get us to follow it.

derikmoore1026d ago

Hi, guys. I'm the guy who wrote this. Sorry for the late replies, long day at work.

I apologize if I came off a little too harsh against the theory, I get going a little too strong sometimes. Uth11 hit the nail on the head as to why I disbelieve in aliens with the almighty Occam's Razor.

Foxtrot, I'm of the same belief about pushy religious people. I'm one of those weird Christians who doesn't believe in creationism, miracles or forcing people to believe what you're spewing just because you think yourself to be right.

Thanks for the comments and reading, guys. I appreciate it.