The PlayStation Experience is Going to be Awesome

CheatCC says- "It’s a gaming extravaganza of epic proportions!

The figures are in and it seems Sony’s counterparts were successful in tipping the scales of the holiday shopping spree in their favor. Once the Black Friday dust settled, it was clear the PlayStation was little more than an afterthought come Cyber Monday. Parents were busy snatching up Xbox Ones and the Nintendo 3DS in droves. So what’s the best way to instantly erase that little public relations speed bump from people’s minds? By throwing a huge house party in Sin City, that’s what!"

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CervantesPR11469d ago


cant wait for this event, im super exited for it
i Expect at least 2 PS4 exclusive AAA game anouncements

PCGamingNoobs1469d ago

Does anyone know an actual keynote time or anything where we can watch it live from? (UK preferably but whatever I'll work it out either way)

DeadlyOreo1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

I think I heard it'll be shown on Twitch. I just need to know a UK time, anyone want to help a brother out?

Edit: The keynote is at 10am Pacific Time on Saturday, so 18:00 GMT I guess.

WeAreLegion1469d ago

Let's all take a step back here.

I'm just as excited as everyone else, but try not to hype it too much. When we first heard about the event, the rumor was Uncharted 4 and one third party exclusive were to be announced. Now, things are a little out of control.

I expect it to be a fun event, especially for those of us who have been with PlayStation since the beginning. I just don't expect The Last Guardian, Crash Bandicoot, or any of the other crazy rumors.

ziggurcat1469d ago

exactly. i stopped getting excited for things after that whole "super-duper megaton exciting ground zeroes announcement" that ended up just being a MGS2 skin.

GiggMan1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

You're right. Gaming journalist always hype up these events so they can write about them being a letdown the next week.

Only Sony knows what's going to be shown.

snookiegamer1469d ago

Trying hardest not to get sucked into all the hype...been disappointed with these events over past year or so.

Fingers X ;/

fdkenzo1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

If they show Uncharted 4 gameplay, they announce an Uncharted trilogy remastered, and a new AAA game.....I am satisfied....I think its enough for a positive reaction from the PS4 owners..

If they announce much absolutely GREATNES...

crusf1469d ago

Sony come on now its time to blow everyone away with this event with great exclusive announcement for next year.

crusf1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

woops double post

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The story is too old to be commented.