Far Cry 4 Has Invented The Best New Sport

Ubisfot’s most recent sandbox has a variety of fun things for you to do – you can stab bears, strap C4s to cars and drive them into enemy bases, go base-jumping, get off your face on drug cocktails, visit the past, throw stones at people, throw knives at people, and so much more.

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jagermaster6191419d ago

Haha nice! Peta is gonna be upset lol

1419d ago
Killzoner991419d ago

Wow , it launches the same height every time. Why is this a big deal?

vikingland11419d ago

Really that's your 1 bubble comment? Name another game you get to launch elephants into the air.

hiredhelp1418d ago

Same weight same amount C4 theroy it would equal roughly same each time but what i liked is the differn directions physix rather cool.

hiredhelp1418d ago

(No real animals were harmed while making this Video)
LOL crazy game