Today's new The Order: 1886 footage could actually be old

GotGame writes: The new footage of The Order: 1886 could actually be old.

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nX1468d ago

Stupid article, it was already said that the footage will be from the latest build (compared to the old demo we've seen a dozen times)

nX1467d ago

For tomorrow, new footage of the latest build has been promised.

badboyz091468d ago

If it's a Spoiler not looking!!!!!!

OB1Biker1467d ago

Bad journalism from the media reporting it. PSSpain posting a video woth bits of old gameplay everyone has already seen. the only thing new is the spanish guy doing the talking.

CuddlyREDRUM1467d ago

Sony had the video taken down, this is the footage/build they are showing tomorrow.

I have no idea what is going on with the game, Sony's first party has taken a drastic turn for the worse since the PS4 launch.

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Neixus1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

This is not the footage that will be shown tomorrow.
As you can see, this video is about voice acting, VA happens very early in development, so it's pretty self explanatory that this footage looks kinda goofy. As it's early in the development stage.

Tomorrow's gameplay will look much better!

CocoWolfie1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

thats what i was initially thinking, that probably should of been in the sub-text/title? XD

Neixus1468d ago

Yes, but the site wants some extra clicks, you know

BABY-JEDI1468d ago

This article was more about the music in the game. There was 1 very short 3 sec sequence near the end which I had not seen. But I would not spin this as new footage.

masterfox1468d ago

don't know if you know but we are only almost 2 months away from this game ? :D

Are you guys and girls excited ? certainly I am :D

ashen1221468d ago

im excited I've got the collectors edition on lock

Harold_Finch1468d ago

Well, old footage = bad previews. It's up to them.

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