Sony San Diego: Big News Approaching, What We Have Is Unexpected

The internal studio Sony San Diego admits that big news are approaching and what they're going to show is unexpected.

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Abash1445d ago

Hype level is getting off the charts !

Agent_00_Revan1445d ago

I think hype level is approaching, if not passing E3 levels at this point. Every other article is about big announcements and big names going.

DeadlyOreo1445d ago

Yep, it's official, the hype has sucked me in. Damn it.

Spid3r61445d ago

So my question is what are they showing at E3? I mean don't get me wrong this is an incredible ploy to create Hype once again due the lack luster year they have had with there own IPs. I think this might be the wrong time to do it specially when people have already purchased the system that they would have placed under the tree this year..this go for US.

kreate1445d ago

I was pretty hyped up about e3 this year with the movie theatre and all.

I understand the content was good but the show was long and boring.

Hopefully this event is much better.

bouzebbal1445d ago

I'm done resisting the hype..

*lets himself sucked in*

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SoapShoes1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Come on NFL GameDay!!!

SoapShoes1445d ago

^ The NFL license is not exclusive and EA even asked others to step up. I really hope GameDay comes back! I had '97 and it was awesome, '98 was a huge overhaul and looked way better. Fun fact(read this in a magazine of some Sony exec reminiscing) GameDay on PS1 actually was outselling Madden in the tail end of the PS1 era. 9... 8... 9... Sports!

XanderZane1445d ago

EA still owns the NFL license, so we know that ain't happening. Maybe it's a open world RPG or a fighting game.

Akuma2K1445d ago


I thought EA signed another exclusive deal with the nfl to continue the license with madden, it was the reason why 2k sports said they couldn't make a new 2k football (everyone was expecting 2k to announce a new 2k football at E3 back in june after the rumors of a comeback since the end of last year's superbowl etc..).

By the way, nfl gameday was my game back in the day, especially when they went 3D in the 98' version (first football game to do that, and yep before madden) favorite feature of gameday is when your on defense and you lay a vicious hit on the offensive player is that the screen would flash like lightning and you get a loud crackle of thunder to go with it.

I would love to see this game make a comeback, but if its true that the nfl license isn't exclusive anymore and 2k sports just didn't want to make a football game anymore for whatever reason this would be a great time to bring back gameday and with how sony san diego has done a great job with MLB The Show franchise i'm sure a new next gen gameday title will be in good hands.

Wagz221445d ago

Game day 98, NHL faceoff and NBA shootout 98 haha played them all the time!

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I_am_Batman1445d ago

Damn. I'm going on a concert saturday evening so I won't be able to watch the PSX. Such a shame. Does anyone know if there will be a way to rewatch it a day later. Will probably be impossible to search for the whole stream without getting spoiled.

MaximusTKG1445d ago

It will most likely be all over Youtube, or available to rewatch on Sony's website.

Imp0ssibl31444d ago

There will be sure ways to review it but it will be hard to do so without getting spoilers.

showtimefolks1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Here is the ing about EA exclusive contract, it's a3rd party contract. First party studios can still make NFL games. Just like how MLB had exclusive deal with 2K yet Sony San diego did mlb the show games

So in theory this studio can do a NFL game exclusive to ps4

Or maybe I am missing something

2k can't do it because it's 3rd party

DaReapa1445d ago

First I heard of that. When was that announced?

Abromb1445d ago

I was under the impression that it had more to do with the game being multiplatform than it being developed by a first party studio. I always thought 2k could make another nfl game, but it would have to be exclusive to a console...

Alexious1444d ago

Hope it's not that, I'm not big on NFL.

Would rather prefer a ModNation/LBP Karting next gen thing.

CoryHG1444d ago

no it's not third party. Other Microsoft would have contined with NFL Fever and Sony with Gameday. 2K signed a third party MLB contract, thus Sony was still able to make The Show (thank god).

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Muzikguy1445d ago

I'm not getting too excited so I hope to be surprised :)

Imp0ssibl31444d ago

Ah, that's a safe stance. Expect the worst & hope for the best

starchild1445d ago

I'm excited and I don't think I will be let down. I don't expect the world, just some good gameplay of games we already know about and a few nice announcements of new games.

geddesmond1444d ago


What lackluster year? Every single one of there games has made profits even knack. It's also Sony who owns dozens of game studios and has partners with a lot of third party too.

Whatever game a studio announces at this will just be followed up at E3 with another game announcement by the same studio considering every first party Sony dev team is working on 2 or more PS4 games.

Sony is not MS. They don't do a whole bunch of marketing to fool people into thinking they have games and then go a whole year by announcing only a few. Sony is always constant with game announcements. Some that don't even make it to game shows but get announce on their blog or other media outlets.

xlancer1444d ago

Why even mention ms you fangirl...

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Imp0ssibl31445d ago

Him, that's really unexpected... Either they got bigger or someone else is doing MLB. Still, curious about what this will be

JimmyDM901445d ago

They're still doing MLB but they do have a second team that has been working on something else for awhile.

Alexious1444d ago

Didn't know that. Any clue as to what size is this second team?

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Festano1445d ago

I can not wait to see the new exclusive branded Sony.

KingPin1445d ago

HL3 confirmed. PS4 exclusive.