I Was Summoned by #GamerGate; Here’s What I Saw

Bestselling author, Ryan Holiday writes "...a little over a week ago, I found myself in the middle of an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) in #GamerGate’s infamous subreddit “KotakuInAction.” I’d been trying to assign an unbiased explainer piece on the controversy for weeks and found that several writers were intimidated and reluctant to participate. So when I saw that someone who had read my book and columns here at Off the Media, put up an AMA request, I figured I’d wade in, answer some questions, and see what I couldn’t find out about this infamous movement."

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mandf1447d ago

I'll give the author props for understanding game journalism is in the toilet.

thorstein1447d ago

*All journalism is in the toilet.

mandf1447d ago

no disagreement there

scark921447d ago

Someone should really flush...

Death1447d ago

Good read. I couldn't agree more with the author.

acekaze1447d ago

Dont think anyone could have put things in a better prespective, Journalism is corrupt, and while its all fine to expose it, after its put on the table, and people get to know about it, just leave it alone, while i do apreciate what gamergate is doing, i think they simply should have left Zoe Quinn case long ago, people know what shes done, its their choice if to support her and her games from now on, or if to simply avoid her, theres really no reason to keep discussing the topic anymore.

CaptainObvious8781447d ago

I guess you haven't been following gamergate very closely at all.

GG left zoe alone a long time ago. It's zoe that can't seem to shutup.

acekaze1447d ago

I know that, but, whats the point of even retaliating back? Let her talk by herself, we gamers alredy know what went on, the part that was of interest to us, the whole corruption thing is gone, so why should we care a pity rumbling of a woman who most of us simply dont give 2 S**** ?

Elwenil1447d ago

In my opinion, the main issue the #GamerGate movement has is fact that there is no focus. We all want change, but much like the whole "Anonymous" hacktivism thing, there is no face of the movement, no spokesman. So it's hard to take it very serious when there are so many people talking and while they all may be moving in the same direction, so to speak, they all have slightly different ideas about different aspects of the movement. We can all agree we want changes in gaming journalism, but without one clear, recognizable voice, it's just a random mob. There needs to be someone to stand up and lead the movement, someone relevant to the industry and the issues and hopefully someone respectable with a good sense of integrity and ethics. Without someone to stand up and say "this" is what we want, "these" are the issues we have problems with and "that" is how you fix it while also denouncing the threats and other underhanded tactics we are a ship without a Captain, adrift at sea. Just my. 02

rainslacker1446d ago

I think it's more that the goals of the movement aren't really defined enough to get to an endpoint. There is no place where it can say, "we succeeded in our goals"

The author makes a good point that it's hard to keep the movement clean because of the trolls, but when the majority of the focus of the movement by the press is on those trolls and not the issue, it doesn't help at all. I think that's the only place I really disagreed with the author of this article. Otherwise, I found it pretty interesting, and definitely plenty food for thought.

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