Nostalgia Is the Best Weapon in the Game Industry

CheatCC says - "I think the recent trailers for both Jurassic World and Star Wars Episode 7 have proven something we tend to lose sight of from time to time: never underestimate the value of nostalgia."

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kalkano1326d ago

I've never bought a single thing out of nostalgia.

Metallox1326d ago

Me neither. Every time I buy a main Mario game I know I'm going to find the best platforming in it, never really have had a nostalgic feeling about them, even if I have been playing Mario games since the N64 title.

GordonKnight1326d ago

Recently I purchased the NES with R.O.B and SNES with Earthbound for $20 at a garage sale. That's nostalgia!!! Awesome day!!!

Nintendo may have characters with the nostalgia factor, but the gameplay is always fresh. I think it's more of the track record of those nostalgia characters having high quality that is the secret weapon.

gangsta_red1326d ago

This is very true, I remember going back to a lot of games and telling myself, "yuck, how could I have liked this."

Unlike Kalkano, I have purchased many things out of nostalgia.

NerdStar71326d ago

Nintendoes use it as a weapon also.

DragoonsScaleLegends1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

There have been so many great games in the past so how could people not have nostalgia for them? Way better than most of the games this year at least.

My games that I have nostalgia for:

Super Mario World
Donkey Kong Country
Goof Troop
Mario Paint
The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past
Mario Kart 64
Ape Escape
The Legend of Dragoon
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Spider-Man 1&2 PS1
Tony Hawk's Underground(First game I ever played online)
Tony Hawk's Underground 2
True Crime Streets of LA
Uncharted 2

I probably have a few more I just can't think of them. I grew up on the Super Nintendo even though I am 20 and by the time I started playing it the GameCube was close to releasing. I couldn't of imagined not growing up playing the SNES. Consoles in order of when I played them:
SNES > N64 > PS1 > XB > GBC > GCN > GBA > PS2 > PSP > PS3 > PS4